P&C Pooch has a comfy new home

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The Chronicle Express
Duke bears the scars of a rough past, but he's got a new comfy home with the Simpson family.

While people are gathering at the Yates County Fairgrounds at an event dedicated to rescuing dogs, one dog in Penn Yan will be basking in his new-found home.

Duke, the newest dog in the Simpson household on Lincoln Avenue, wandered into P&C Supermarket last Sunday at around 2:30 p.m. Whether he was looking for attention, food, comfort or care doesn’t matter, because he found them all.

Janice Jewel, a P&C employee who was working at one of the cash registers, said she just turned in time to see what she thought was a very malnourished puppy wander into the store.

“I took a look and was dumbfounded. I had never seen an animal in condition like that,” she said.

No one knows where the dog came from. Jewel says she checked tapes from surveillance cameras in the store’s parking lot, and it’s impossible to tell where the dog came from.

Some customers and store employees came to the dog’s aid, giving him some food and water, and before long, a Penn Yan Police officer transported the dog to animal control officer Dick Lafler.

Lafler had the dog checked over by a veterinarian, and soon, offers to adopt the dog started coming in. The Rick Simpson family of Penn Yan was the logical choice, since they were involved in caring for the dog at the store, and agreed to pay the veterinarian bill.

Lafler says the dog, which in reality is closer to 4-years-old than a puppy had “a lot of things wrong with it — worms, ringworm, mites, and you could see the ribs and hip bones.”

But two weeks later, Duke, as he’s been named by the Simpsons, is beginning to look healthier. He’s a friendly dog who seems to have bonded with his new family.

But someone else could still be in trouble for the lack of care and possible abuse, says Lafler. And Simpson points out scars on the dog’s face and body that indicate he’s seen some difficult times.

Lafler says if officials determine who is responsible for the dog’s condition when it wandered into P&C, they could face charges for cruelty to an animal.

“Dog is supposed to be man’s best friend, but man is not always dog’s best friend,” says Lafler.

“This little dog hasn’t had a chance in his whole life,” said Jewell, adding, “I hope this story has a happy ending.”

Anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from Lafler should contact him at 315-536-9439.

In addition, the Humane Society of Yates County has dogs that are awaiting adoption. Contact them at  315-536-6094.