Keuka Park woman goes on a shopping spree in Penn Yan

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Penn Yan Tops Market Rocco Marcellino with Shopping Spree winner Dorisanne Osborn and her helper Alex Coleman with her cart full of over $500 worth of groceries.

It took just three minutes for Dorisanne Osborn to collect enough groceries to ring up a $512.68 total at the checkout register Friday at Tops Friendly Markets in Penn Yan.

“That’s the most I’ve run in ages,” she exclaimed afterward, adding, “Not bad for an 80-year-old!”

The Keuka Park resident was winner of a three-minute shopping spree that was  part of Tops’ grand re-opening celebration.  Selected at random from customers who used their BonusCards during a two-week period, Mrs. Osborn somewhat prepared for the spree when she shopped on Tuesday.  “I also walked through the store this morning,” she added.

Store Manager Rocco Marcellino reviewed the guidelines with Mrs. Osborn as several store associates stood ready to help clear the way for her shopping spree.  

Keuka College student Alex Coleman, from Elmira, was asked by Mrs. Osborn to assist by pushing the shopping cart.  They had met recently at an alumni dinner.  “He was such a help,” said Mrs. Osborn.  “He had the cart right where I needed it all the time.”

“This was fun,” exclaimed Marcellino.  “I wish we could do this every week!”  Other store associates seemed to enjoy the adventure as well, encouraging her along the way.

Originally from the Buffalo/Kenmore area, Mrs. Osborn is a Keuka College graduate (Class of 1951), who returned to the College in 1979 as a faculty member when she started the Special Education program there.  She is presently a very valuable active alumnae, said Kathy Waye, Executive Director of Alumni and Family Relations, who was also on hand for moral support during the shopping spree.

Osborn’s husband of 60 years, Charlie, was also in attendance.  He sat on the bench near the customer service desk with a wide piece of tape over his mouth, holding a sign that read “My wife won the Tops Shopping Spree.  She said I could tag along if I kept my mouth shut.”  Included in the shopping cart were a couple of cartons of eggnog, specifically for Charlie, and a large ham for a neighborhood Christmas party.

Tops Markets officially unveiled the former P & C Food Store under its brand last month.

They will invest some $3 million in the store beginning in January, says Rocco Marcellino. The plan is to be ready for the summer season by Memorial Day.

And now, with plenty of food in her pantry, Dorisanne Osborn is ready for anything the holiday season and this winter might toss her way.