Amber Hopkins honored by Happiness House

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
From left, Kevin Clary, Rhonda Clary, Amber Hopkins and Susan Parker, Amber’s mother.

Happiness House - Finger Lakes Cerebral Palsy Association held its annual John P. Clary Award ceremony at the Steamboat Landing in Canandaigua.

Happiness House’s Adult Structured Day Program recognizes the hard work and perseverance necessary to overcome a serious traumatic brain injury. John Clary was one of those special people. John was a young man who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, yet, he exhibited an incredible sense of humor and energy for life. John’s willingness to get up each day and make the most of his opportunities was inspirational to everyone who met him.

The award is given to the consumer that consistently displays the characteristics that made John such a special person. These characteristics include: demonstrating a good work ethic, having good attendance, possessing a sense of humor, being caring and friendly toward others, and being outgoing. The award is given once a year in memory of John and in recognition of our consumers’ hard work.  

The nominees for the John P. Clary Award included: Jessica Barido, Chad Stallsworth, Casey Clark and Philip Dingman. The John P. Clary Award recipient is Amber Hopkins.

“Amber shows dedication in all aspects of programming, including therapy, day program, and at home.  She makes a lasting impression on everyone who works with her by giving 150 percent in all that she does, even when she is ill and fatigued.  Amber has a caring heart, is giving, and is thoughtful of others, going out of her way to help regardless of her own circumstance.  Always willing to accept new challenges, her courage & strength are inspiring to all,” says Darrell Whitbeck, director of the Center Based Adult Services  at Happiness House.  

In addition to the John P. Clary Award, the Continued Success Award Recipients included: Carl Beach, Sylvia Bailey, Jim Daley, Carol Jaycox, and Johnny West. Kevin and Rhonda Clary, John’s parents, offered congratulations to all.