Outlaws raise $11,000 for pets

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Judge Michael Healy listens as Judy Mahoney-Benzer (AKA Ruby Paws) tries to convince him she did no wrong after being arrested for dressing an innocent pup like a bandit.

Eleven desperados were arrested and arraigned Feb. 18 to benefit animals in Yates County.

To be released from jail, they raised bail to be donated to the Humane Society of Yates County. Over $11,000 was raised.

The outlaws were Jeff Bray AKA the Kansas Escapee, Lucas Day & Wild Wild Wiffler; Ann Orman (AKA Annabell); Bob Church (AKA Bronko' Bob); April Scott (AKA Stampin' Stella);  Dr Tanya Jackson (AKA MilkBone Gang), Judy Mahoney-Benzer (AKA Ruby Paws); Tami Marchionda (AKA Golden Fingers) Dr. Kate Anderson (AKA Kalamity Kate), John Greco (AKA Big Boy John)and Tim Chambers (AKA Terrible Tim & Lucky). Dr. Joseph Burke is still at large. 

Organizers Mary Schleiermacher and Tami Marchionda say the event was a success and they are planning next year’s round up.