Milly's Money: Grant is seed for emergency cash

John Christensen
From left, George Schaefer of Milly's Pantry; Renee Bloom of Keuka Housing Council, Marianne Brand of the William G. McGowen Charitable Fund, and Pam Griffith of Yates Cultural and Recreational Resources.

In the six months since the passing of local humanitarian Milly Bloomquist, much has been done to keep her helping spirit alive, but as Milly would have said, “We’re not done yet!”

With that same sense that there is always more that can be done to help those most in need, Marianne Brand secured $15,000 from the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund to keep Milly’s work alive.

The money has been divided into a three pronged effort; $5,000 will go to Milly’s Pantry for a lasting permanent improvement yet to be determined, $5,000 will be a seed fund for “Milly’s Money” at the Keuka Housing Council as emergency funds for those in immediate need, and $5,000 will go to a free, community Thanksgiving Dinner from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thanksgiving Day at the Elks Club in Penn Yan.

Brand advocated for these funds as “seed money” to encourage charitable giving to these efforts, just as Milly would have done.

To add your donations to Milly’s Pantry or the free Thanksgiving dinner, mail your check to Milly’s Pantry, 19 Main St., Penn Yan, N. Y. 14527, call 315-694-7350, e-mail, or go to to donate via PayPal.

To donate to Milly’s Money, contact Renee Bloom, executive director of The Keuka Housing Council, at 160 Main St., Penn Yan, NY 14527, call 315-536-8707, or go to