Boy Scouts enjoy lesson in taxidermy

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

The Penn Yan Troop 44 Boy Scouts were visited by Chris O’Neil, a taxidermist from Stanley. O’Neil, an Eagle Scout himself originally from Troop 63, specializes in European mounts which is the skeletonized part of an animal. 

Some of the Scouts in attendance for a lesson in taxidermy were Aidan Green, Joshua Morse, Conor Clancy, and Gavin Bicksler.

The boys learned about how he uses dermestid beetle larvae to clean the bones and other preservation methods. There were lots of questions asked by the Scouts, leaders, and parents alike. 

Taxidermy was one of the 57 original Merit Badges in 1911 but was retired in 1952 due to a lack of interest. 

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