Holiday Shopping Weekend

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

East Hill Gallery and Workshops open Dec. 12 and 13

MIDDLESEX — The Folk Art Guild at 1445 Upper Hill Road in Middlesex, will be open for safe shopping Saturday, Dec. 12, and Sunday, Dec. 13, noon to 4 p.m. both days. In response to many requests from neighbors, the East Hill Gallery, and four additional locations will host visitors for holiday gift buying. The Pottery, Weaving, the Woodshop, and “Romeo” will welcome guests who recognize the Guild as a destination to find a creative variety in crafts. In addition discounts and seconds will be offered widely.

A large and a small example of vases in the popular blue crackle glaze, thrown and fired by the Rochester Folk Art Guild Pottery Studio in Middlesex. All of the pottery, and much of it discounted, will at the December 12, and 13 Holiday Shopping Weekend at the Guild, noon to 4 p.m. both days.


The Pottery will display a huge selection of stoneware and porcelain ware for the house and garden. A recent kiln firing for this weekend will augment the supply of mugs and serving bowls, pitchers and platters. Generous discounts on seconds abound, and many come to this weekend to take advantage of these savings.


Looking for something warm to wrap around your shoulders? Ward off the evening chill with a shawl from the Guild Weaving Studio. You can gift yourself with a special natural dyed scarf, blanket, or poncho.

Two new silver maple salad bowls for large salads, and some end grain cutting boards made in the Folk Art Guild Woodshop. All will be on view at the Dec. 12 and 13 Holiday Shopping Weekend at the Guild.


Up in the Woodshop, masked and distanced guests can see several large new salad bowls for larger families. A silver maple pair and a cherry bowl with food safe finishes could serve up to eight. A medium sized osage orange bowl serves four to six. In addition, there are many options for inexpensive gifts in wooden housewares. The Wooden Toys always delight.

Detail of an eco print transfer. The color and outline of a leaf can transfer to fabric by a magical process. The Natural Fiber Clothing Design workshop at the Folk Art Guild uses the technique to create clothing and accessories.


In the East Hill Gallery the Natural Fiber Clothing Design has racks of handmade women’s tops and jackets. The eco printing technique has been utilized to wonderful effect on clothing, pillows, scarves, even eye pillows. Eco printing is a magic process where the imprint of a leaf can transfer to fabric. Also in the Gallery, a great selection of books, many discounted, will be available for browsing and selection. New fiction and non-fiction, cookbooks, and children’s books make great gift ideas.


Not to be missed is Romeo, a building over near the Woodshop, where there will be more displays. Michael Hunter, long time Guild member, said, “The Graphics Shop will offer this fall’s harvest of one-of-a-kind notecards made from dried flowers and handmade papers. In addition we are excited to have a new Guild publication, East Hill Farm by Peter Gillan. With over 250 pages of photographs from the Guild’s archives, it offers a glimpse into our shared life here from 1967 to the present.” Also sharing the space, Inspired Designs, a creative outpouring of Gorham resident Colleen Runner, will brighten up the room. She has gathered antique tools, beads and findings to craft “talking pieces.”

For more information about the Guild, please visit or call 585-554-3539.

A not-for-profit arts community and educational institution, the Guild began its work in crafts more than 60 years ago. Located on a 350-acre farm in New York’s Finger Lakes Region, the Guild has grown to receive worldwide recognition for its handcrafts, which have found their place in museums, private collections, shops, and galleries through the United States and abroad. The Guild also offers workshops for adults and conducts educational outreach programs for children. Its Apprenticeship Program is designed for young people who are searching for a practical, hands-on approach to learning and living. Working alongside experienced master craftspeople, apprentices learn proficiency in a craft and how to live alongside others in a community setting. Over the past dozen years, the Guild has offered an annual Craft Weekend in July for all ages, with fifteen hours of studio time.