Toad Abode project teaches ecology

James Beach

PENN YAN – Families in Penn Yan had an opportunity to learn about the ecological importance of toads and build a Toad Abode, which are used to create toad habitat in gardens. Eleventh grade Penn Yan Academy student Madeline “Maddie” Martini and her former College Environmental Science Teacher, James Beach, put on the event, which was hosted at the Penn Yan Public Library April 2. 

Participants at the event made their own toad abode out of clay pots and paint. Through this activity, participants learned how toads control insect populations making it so that harmful pesticides are not needed as toads can consume 1,000 insects a day. Martini’s goal for the event was to promote sustainability and to encourage others to be stewards of the environment. 

If you are looking for more information or would like to construct your own toad abode, please visit the Penn Yan Public Library. 

Olivia Castner, a first grade student at St. Michael’s in Penn Yan, making her Toad Abode with help from Maddie Martini at the Penn Yan Public Library.