The Chronicle Express

St. Michael's Catholic

St. Michael's 5th grade graduates wowed us at their graduation ceremony and then enjoyed a nice reception hosted by the 4th grade parents and students.  May they carry their friendships and values into their 6th grade experiences. Flanked by Principal Debra Marvin and 5th grade teacher, Keith Prather.

We sent Fr. Jorge Ramirez and the Joshua Gilmartins off with a beautiful reception coordinated by our Catholic Daughters.  The Swarthouts will also be leaving us in October, so we also wished them God speed, too.   

Thanks to the many volunteers who made last week’s ecumenical Vacation Bible School a success!  Everyone enjoyed the experience. 

Anyone who is interested in Social Justice or Social Ministry is invited to attend the virtual Social Action Summer Institute (SASI).  Over July 13-15 topics to be explored include:  “Laudato Si' and the U.S. Catholic Church:  A Conference Series on Our Common Home,” “Mercy and Mental Health: Strengthening Our Pastoral Response,” and other discussions.  Learn more/register at .

It’s also a perfect time to become enriched with some great reading or playing.  These new resources may help:  My First Interactive Mass Book from Ascension Press Wanderlight,  “A Pilgrim's Adventure” for young gamers.  Play a demo at and the many resources at , as well as our many Catholic publishers.  Need a suggestion?  Give Patty a call.  Enjoy your week! 

Bluff Point Methodist

Dick Dibble and Phil Pearce are two of Bluff Point Methodist's trustees who are always involved in helping maintain the physical structure and contents of our church. Here they are looking at one of our buildings in need of some loving care.

Pastor Sandi used a scripture we don’t often discuss to help us look at the heart of scripture messages.  Looking at the heart of the message helps us to frame the scripture.  We not only have to look at the history behind scripture passages, but most importantly what the scripture means personally to oneself. She had us study 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-5.  Why does it matter that you believe this good news?  We were to look at the Good News and write what we would put on a bumper sticker concerning this passage.  Some of the bumper stickers we came up with included: Listen to the Voice, I will come again, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and Say Yes to God’s Assurance. 

The youth confirmation class ended this Sunday, with the students meeting with Pastor Sandi and their mentors.  They will all be confirmed as members of BPUMC later this summer.  Thanks to all who helped our youth through this process!

This past weekend on June 26, we said our farewells to Ernie Pinneo and to Amos Hammond.  Amos’s lovely service was first held at church, with heart felt poems, scripture and eulogies from multiple grandchildren.  Both families later had separate local gatherings in the afternoon where friends and family could share remembrances and stories. We will both miss Amos and Ernie, who both were not only dear friends, but long-time faithful members of our church.

Congratulations again to Hayley Andersen, who graduated from PYA on June 25th!  All the best!

St. Mark’s Episcopal

“Wanted: A Rector for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Penn Yan. Apply within.”

If only it were that easy!

Every denomination has its own way of choosing the spiritual leadership it wants for its church. Some clergy are appointed by an administrative or governing body like a diocese or conference while others are chosen by the congregation itself (or by its board of trustees).

The Episcopal Church has a standard search process, which St. Mark’s will be following to hire a rector, assisted at each step by a liaison from the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, the Dean of Transitions. The first task will be choosing a search committee who will work with the vestry (our executive board) to gather information from parishioners about where St. Mark’s is right now and where we would like to be. On the basis of that information, the committee will develop written and video materials, which will be published through the appropriate channels to reach qualified applicants. The search committee will screen the applications and select candidates to be interviewed. One candidate will be selected, and presented to the vestry. The next step is securing the approval of the Bishop and then “calling” the candidate for the position. We certainly hope they will accept our call!

As of this writing there have already been meetings between the vestry and the Dean of Transitions, and the search committee has been formed. The parish has been kept regularly apprised of what is going on through emails, our parish newsletter The Voice, and through announcements during our Sunday service. We are hopeful – and patient, confident that St. Mark’s will find a good shepherd for our flock.

Come join us! The door is always open (at least figuratively) and as our sign says, "All are welcome at God's table!"

Penn Yan First Baptist

The Penn Yan Community Summer Happenings took place June 28 - July 2 at First Baptist Church of Penn Yan. We hosted 33 kids from our community, with a theme of Rocky Railway. Pictured here are Cheryl Stewart and Vanessa Martinez in a skit put on for the kids. Special thanks to St. Michael's Catholic Church and Penn Yan United Methodist Church for co-sponsoring this fantastic event.

Our recent Summer Happenings VBS event was a huge success. It was co-sponsored with Penn Yan United Methodist and St. Michael's Catholic Churches. We hosted 33 community children and we were blessed to have many volunteers too. The kids helped to support the Backpack Program by bringing in breakfast bars, fruit snacks, macaroni & cheese and oatmeal. Thank You to all the kids and parents for your mission support.

Dresden  Methodist

At Sunday service June 27, Toby Bond led us in a Call to Worship and read the scripture, Matthew: 22-1-14. Sheryl Parkhurst played a lovely rendition of "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace." Pastor Marilyn thought it was appropriate for what is going on in the world today.

Pastor Wood's message: "As we look back on life, we thought we had all the time in the world. Now we don't have much time left. We rush from one place to another. Our days are filled. Where is God in all of this? Many people today make excuses and say we'll talk about God in a few years.  We have so many energy saving devices like dishwashers, washers and dryers. We don't have to use a scrub board or hang our clothes out on a line. We have fast food so we don't have to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Sitting down at the table for dinner doesn't happen now. What do we do with all our time? We fill our lives with so much.  We don't have time for ourselves, let alone God. Take time to listen to God. We are guests at God's table. He is always there."

Benediction: "Go from this place knowing that God is always there. Listen and hear the voice of God as He speaks to you."