Healthy alternatives to gambling

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We live in a digital world; one where anything of desire can be found right at our fingertips. This accessibility may be beneficial for a lot of things, including grocery delivery, ordering gifts, and texting an old friend.

However, when it comes to risky behaviors such as gambling, the increase in availability may pose a potential issue, especially for those who struggle with problem gambling. Gambling means to risk something of value on a game of chance, in the hopes of a desired outcome. Many people gamble without a problem. However, about 5% of adults in New York state have developed a problem with gambling. This could be anytime their gambling has caused serious issues in their lives including relationship issues, financial struggles, and even work-related problems.

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The legalization of mobile sports betting in New York State is set to begin this fall. Therefore, in preparation, the Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center has created a “healthy alternatives to gambling” guide to assist those who want to keep the odds at bay.

• If you’re looking for a little excitement or rush... try participating in a sport or hobby through your local community center.

• If you’re looking to be more social or not feel so isolated... try joining a social group or club, volunteer in your community, connect with family and friends, or enroll in a class

• If you’re looking for a distraction or are experiencing unpleasant feelings... try talking to a counselor

• If you’re bored or lonely... try finding something you’re passionate about like art, music, sports, or reading

• If you’re looking to relax after a stressful day... try yoga, exercise, deep breathing, or getting a massage

• If you’re looking to solve money problems... try seeking help from a credit counselor

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