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St. Paul's Lutheran

St. Paul's Sharing Shed on Hamilton St. in Penn Yan, contains nonperishable food items, paper products, personal care products, children's books, etc.


These are the words on the new "Sharing Shed" in front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Hamilton Street in Penn Yan. This ministry is dedicated to providing people in the "neighborhood" with a place to meet a need when other resources aren't available or when they don't have transportation. The Sharing Shed will contain nonperishable food items, paper products, personal care products, children's books, etc. People who visit The Sharing Shed are welcome to take an item or leave one for someone else.

St. Mark's Episcopal

St Mark’s Episcopal Church has furnishings and fittings all the way back to its consecration in 1879 and we have acquired many more over the years. One of the most recent additions to the church is a pipe organ whose history dates back to the 1880’s. Built in Elmira by Wm. King (& Son), the organ came to a Pine Valley church, and later to the Bluff Point Methodist Church, where the congregation enjoyed its lovely sound for many decades. Lorna and Ed Burton were members of that congregation, and Lorna was the organist there for many years. When she retired as organist, a new organist was hired and that person wanted an electric organ rather than a pipe organ.

The pipe organ while still in Ed & Lorna Burton's home in Jerusalem, has since been relocated to St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Penn Yan.

Lorna and Ed decided to buy the pipe organ from the church, and they had it installed in their house on Rt 54-A. It was so tall, though, that Ed had to cut a hole in the ceiling and then make a covering for the organ to keep it from the elements. They loved having the organ in their house, and they said that the sound that the organ produced in its new surroundings was magnificent.

In 2017, however, Lorna and Ed decided to downsize and move closer to Penn Yan. There was no room for the pipe organ in their new house so they looked around to find a good home for it. A good friend, Ann Shepardson, suggested that the Burtons donate the venerable instrument to the Sampson Theatre, which is being renovated lovingly by the Penn Yan Theater Company (PYTCo.).

The Burtons thought that was a very appropriate place for the organ but the Sampson was not – and is not - quite ready for it yet. St. Mark’s Church offered to house the organ and it was moved by a group of about six or seven who disassembled it under Ed’s direction, including all the pipes, loaded the parts into a few vehicles, and brought the framework in through the front door of the church and over the tops of the pews, and reassembled it on the spot it rests now. It stands to the left of the altar, looking quite regal and at home in a church once more.

It has been played a few times, once for the public at a concert early in 2018. It is waiting patiently to be an object of admiration in the lobby of the Sampson Theatre – and in the meantime, St. Mark’s is the organ’s foster parent.

Please come to visit the organ – the best time would be at a Sunday service at 9 AM. You would be most welcome!

Penn Yan First Baptist

Sunday, Oct. 24, Nancy Marion gave an inspiring message during the Spiritual Moment in which she recounted the passion of Jimmy Carter and the purposeful life that he led. Sunday Oct. 31, First Baptist held a Memorial Service, remembering our family and friends who have passed into the nearer presence of God. A congregational business meeting was also held to hear discussion and to vote on painting of our sanctuary and regarding new technology features for the sanctuary. A sign-up sheet is circulating the congregation to ring the bell at Top's Supermarket Friday, Nov. 19 for Yates Christmas Program. Please join us for worship on Sundays at 10 a.m. We've missed you!

Dresden Methodist

This past Sunday at Dresden UMC, Pastor Rachel preached a message on a new way of "seeing."  The message was based on Mark 10: 46-52, where we find Jesus stopping to heal a blind man on his way into Jericho.  The passage tells us that the man's eyes were open - but it was more than just a physical opening.  There was an opening of his spiritual eyes too.  Pastor Rachel talked about how today, we can work on opening our spiritual eyes too.  With the help of Jesus, we can begin to see the suffering humans around us every day.  Not only can we become more aware of those around us and the things they are going through, but we can let God move our hearts in compassion to help those in need.  

Announcements: This week, Dresden UMC will be providing lunch for The Living Well.  If you are interested in participating in Operation Christmas Child, Dresden UMC will be collecting filled shoeboxes the week of Nov. 15 -22. Please contact the church for more information. 

Milo Center Methodist

We lift up prayers to the Allen Sensenig family as they grieve their loss. Blessings shared for the many mission activities of our church. Thanks to Karen Hallings, Jill Henderson, Erica Little and Susan Andersen for providing lunch to The Living Well this week on behalf of MCUMC. Continued prayers to all of those struggling with health, financial, or relationship worries. 

Pastor Kim shared the story of Bartimaeus from the book of Mark. As Jesus was leaving Jericho he paused as he heard a cry for help in the large crowd surrounding Him. It was Bartimaeus, a blind beggar. As Jesus stood before him he asked, "What do you want me to do for you?". Wow! What a powerful yet simple question. How many times do we try to help someone but don't ask exactly how we may help? Are we just enabling or actually lifting someone up? Bartimaeus asked for sight and Jesus gave him sight. In return Jesus asked for nothing. He instructed Bartimaeus to  go telling him that his faith has made him well.  Upon hearing that Bartimaeus could have turned back and gone about his life but instead he followed Jesus and helped spread His word. This sentiment can be attached to so many scenarios in our every day life. Take time to pause and then act like Jesus did, you may find your help goes much farther.

Our young disciples are having a great time and welcome others to join them. Sundays at 9 a.m. during service.