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First Baptist Church

Farewell, Pastor Karen

Last week we bid Pastor Karen farewell as she is taking on a new assignment. We wish her well. Last Friday members of our church took turns to Ring the Bells at Top's Supermarket to help raise funds for Yates Christmas Program. Thank you to all who donate financially or with your time. We were thrilled to have Rev. Dr. James Kelsey, the ABCNYS Executive Minister, with us on Sunday, Nov. 14. His message titled, "What Makes A Church," gave us all a thrill of excitement as we imagine the possibilities that God has for our future. We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that the word "worship"  comes from the Old English word "worthship?" Worship is declaring by word or deed that God is worthy of our absolute love and total devotion and complete obedience in every aspect of life. 

Advent season begins

At First Baptist Church we have been blessed with wonderful speakers to fill the gap at the absence of having a pastor. On the 21st Rev. Don Lawrence's message was titled, "Blessings Shared", and on the 28th B. Dale Wakley's message was titled, "Covid-19 Where Do We Stand?" This was also the beginning of the Season of Advent. Looking into December our pulpit supply will be as follows: Dec. 5 - B.Dale Wakley, Dec. 12 - B. Dale Wakley, Dec. 19 - Rev. John Tharp (and we have new members being baptized on this day), Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight 7 pm service - Rev. Don Lawrence and Dec. 26 - Rev. John Tharp. We do hope to have you join us for our worship services Sundays at 10 am. 

First Presbyterian 

Before the Thanksgiving meal has even been served, the Presbyterian Women (PW) are already hard at work organizing FPC’s part in this year’s Yates Christmas Program (YCP).  For the second year, the scope of the program will be different given the ongoing constraints of space availability and holding large gatherings. So in 2021, FPC will focus on offering select items for children to include; toys, games and books. Children residing in the Penn Yan and Dundee school districts are eligible and registration is being handled through each school district’s Social Work office. “Santa’s Helpers” will be given family wish lists in advance, with pre-assigned appointments at FPC, prior to the YCP Gift Card Drive-Thru on Dec. 8 and 9.  

Thanks to the generous support of our local U-Haul dealer and the loading and driving skills of a couple of PW husband’s, Santa’s sleigh will arrive at the church soon. Then the dedicated PW put on their elf hats, quickly make all things shiny and bright, sort it by age group and display it for Santa’s Helpers to select! As always, FPC appreciates the generosity of the people from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, along with Sarah’s coordination, in collecting and pre-sorting many of the items we receive. For all of us who are blessed with much, we should embody the words of Paul’s letter to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:18, “They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share.”

While FPC members will miss seeing community volunteers and families at the church in early December, it’s not too late to give. Volunteer Bell Ringers for YCP will be at several locations from Nov. 19 through Dec. 24 or you can go directly to YCP’s website ‘’ to contribute. Giving is said to represent an act of worship and is at the heart of Christmas. Our giving community is still happy to report that, even through another difficult year, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

Milo United Methodist Church

The second verse from the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" reminds us that God is with us, He will strengthen us, help us and cause us to stand. We are held up by His hand and righteousness. This is Faith! Having faith, keeping hope that we are not alone. We have each other and our relationship with God to see us through. Pastor Kim related how faith is within each of us and at some times takes on a stronger meaning than other times but remains steadfast. Having faith in ourselves, our family and God reminds us that we are loved unconditionally even when we may feel the lowest. God tells us when the storms of life are raging to "Stand by Me."

Church repairs continue; thank you to the trustees and for prayers and donations offered. Thank you to Candy Bezek, Mildred Koek and Susan Andersen for providing lunch to The Living Well for our November outreach. Birthday wishes to Tristan Henderson. 

Our young disciples continue to work on their holiday mission project. Great job!