Yates Legislature wraps up 2007; prepares for 2008

Loujane Johns
Patrick Flynn presided over the final meeting of the Legislature in 2007.

By Loujane Johns

PENN YAN — Vice-Chairman of the Yates County Legislature Patrick Flynn, from District II, held the gavel as he presided over the year-end meeting on Dec. 28. 

As of January 1, for the first time in 30 years, Flynn will no longer hold a seat on the county board.

At the conclusion of the agenda, several members expressed their gratitude to Flynn for his many years of service. 

His wife Marilynn and sons Patrick and Brian were in the audience. Patrick spoke to his father and the audience, saying his father was elected to the board when he was just a boy.  He remembers that his grandfather, P. Henry Flynn, also served. 

Their examples gave the family a sense of community service according to Patrick. who now serves on his local school board. He said his brother, Brian  is also being encouraged to step into politics.  

Flynn said when he first came on board he remembers asking fellow Legislator Joan Flint, “What are these new computer things?” 

Her answer was, “These are the only ones we will ever have to buy.”  This comment drew lots of laughter from the other board members, since a large computer purchase is part of this year’s budget. 

He thanked the other members and proclaimed Yates County a great place to be.

In a swearing-in ceremony, held following the meeting in the Yates County Courthouse, Flynn was sworn-in for another term as Town of Torrey Supervisor.

Legislators Michael Briggs, from District II and Doug Marchionda Jr. from District III were also attending their last meeting as board members.   They also thanked members for their support.

Year end business coming before the legislature included:

•Public hearing:  Following a public hearing on the addition of viable agricultural lands to Agricultural District #1, members voted to approve the request of the only applicants, Duane Z. and Lena Mae Burkholder.  The couple own 77.7 acres on Friend Road in the Town of Potter.  There was no audience or member discussion.  All voted in favor.

• Tax rates:  A resolution was made to rescind a previous resolution on tax rates for 2008. A new resolution with the corrections to errors was presented and approved.

• Appointment:  Randy Deal was appointed as acting Real Property Tax Services Director.

• Recognition:  Nancy Taylor  commended Marian Mann for serving for many years  as Commissioner of Jurors.

• Animal Control:  Approval was given for a limited contract agreement with retiring Animal Control Officer Henry Lafler for service during the transitional period of hiring a new officer. A lease on the kennel on his property was extended to Jan. 31, 2008.

• Salaries:  A schedule was adopted for non-union salaries and benefits. 

An hourly employee salary schedule was also adopted.

Returning legislators Robert Nielsen (District III) and James Multer (District IV) watch as new District III Legislator Dan Banach signs documents after being sworn in to office