Multer’s to do list: New staff, Penn Yan Boats clean-up and public information

Gwen Chamberlain

After being unanimously re-elected to the chairman’s seat of the Yates County Legislature Jan. 3, District I Legislator Robert Multer had a short but important list of work for the group to consider for the coming year.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us,” he said after listing the challenges he sees for the year.

Multer’s list includes:

• Upgrades to the highway department facilities in the town of Benton.

• Addressing the jail overcrowding

• Penn Yan Marine Manufacturing site clean-up and development

• Compliance with election laws

• Filling several key staff vacancies

• Expanding the county’s web page to provide more information to the public

• Upgrade in the county’s GIS system

Multer did not go into details about any of the issues, but said the county is fortunate to have “dedicated, commmited employees. They are the ones who will be responsible for implementing the changes.”

After the session, Multer said he feels the most important issue the legislators need to address is filling the staff vacancies.

Those openings include a planner and a director in the real property tax office.

Multer recommended the following appointments, which were approved by the legislature:

• Connie Hayes as clerk to the legislature, a re-appointment

• H. Taylor Fitch (District I) as vice chairman of the legislature, replacing Patrick Flynn

• Bernetta Bourcy as the county attorney, a re-appointment

• Ed Brockman as the public defender, also a re-appointment.

• Patrick Flynn to the Soil and Water Conservation Board.

The legislators unanimously approved County Administrator Sarah Purdy as budget officer.

The following standing committees were appointed:

• Finance: Fitch, (District I), chair; Douglas Paddock (District I), vice-chair; Robert Nielsen (District III); Rick Willson (District II); Donald House (District II). This committee’s responsibilities include real property, budget/capital planning, treasurer, purchasing, planning, economic development, airport council and tobacco securitization board. The committee meets at 6 p.m. the Tuesday before the legislature meeting in the executive session conference room in the county office building.

• Government Operations: Nancy Taylor (District III), chair; Nielsen (District III), vice chair; Donna Alexander (District I); Dan Banach (District III); James Multer (District IV). This committee’s responsibilities include the administrator, legislature, personnel, insurance/risk management, county attorney, soil & water conservation, county clerk, elections and Cooperative Extension. The committee meets at 2 p.m. the Tuesday before the legislature meeting in the executive session room of the county office building.

• Human Services: Douglas Paddock (District I), chair; Deb Flood (District III), vice chair; Tim Dennis (District II); Taylor Fitch (District I) and Donald House (District II). This committee’s responsibilities include community services, social services, public defender, workforce development, youth bureau, Pro-Action, public health and veteran’s services. The committee meets at 6:30 p.m. the Monday before the legislature meeting in the executive session conference room of the county office building.

• Public Safety: Donna Alexander (District I), chair; Taylor (District III), vice chair; Steve Webster (District IV); William Holgate (District IV); Dennis (District IV). this committee’s responsibilities include the district attorney, justices, jail, animal control, communications, emergency management, sheriff, coroners, probation and stop DWI. The committee meets at 3 p.m. the Monday prior to the full legislature meeting in the Sheriff’s Department.

• Public Works: Holgate (District IV), chair; Webster (District IV) vice chair; Willson (District II); James Multer (District IV); Banach (District III). This committee’s responsibilities include highway, buildings & grounds; weights & measures; recycling. The committee meets at 4 p.m. the Tuesday before the legislature meeting in the executive session conference room in the county office complex.

• Ad Hoc Consolidation Committee: Nielsen (District III), chair; Alexander (District I).

• Audit Committee: Nielsen (District III), chair, Fitch (District I), vice chair; James Multer (District IV); Flood (District III) and Webster (District IV).

Meetings of standing committees are sessions that are open to the public.