Legislators consider county dog control options

Loujane Johns

The Yates County Legislature held their first regular meeting of the new year on Jan. 14.  Three new members were elected in November, Dan Banach, Tim Dennis and Rick Willson.  Dennis was absent from the meeting.

Newly appointed Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Donna Alexander, reported that Don Cass from the Yates County Humane Society had attended the January committee meeting to present a lower contract amount for services.

The Humane Society has asked to be considered to take over the services provided by the county animal control officer.  Cass said the new proposed figure is $57,663.  Cremation would be provided for 78 cents per pound. 

Alexander told the board Sheriff Ron Spike had 26 applications for the animal control officer position.  Spike oversees the position and told the committee the field has been narrowed to seven or eight applications which merit an interview.  Alexander said Spike asked for direction in proceeding. The committee recommended conducting the interviews.

The rest of the short meeting included appointments and routine agreements including:

• APPOINTMENTS:  Legislators Deb Flood and Dan Banach were appointed to a committee looking into county-wide transportation.

Legislators Taylor Fitch, Don House and Robert Nielsen were appointed by Chairman Bob Multer to an ad hoc committee to monitor the tourism industry.

Christine M. Andrews was appointed temporarily as an Administrative Assistant in the Veteran Services office.

Fitch and Jeff Gifford were appointed to the Industrial Development Agency Board of Directors (IDA) for a term from 1/1/08 to 12/31/09.

• LEAVE: An unpaid military leave of absence was granted to Deputy Sheriff Arlyn Cunningham, who has been ordered to active duty. 

The leave is granted to extend continuous service time towards retirement and insurance benefits to his family while serving his country.

• CONTRACT:  The chairman was authorized to sign a contract with Lawrence Hansen to serve as Records Technician in the the Yates County Office of Public History.

• AGREEMENT:  A service agreement for the mailing equipment purchased in January 2006 was authorized at a cost of $1,131 per year.

• FAIR HOUSING:  In the absence of a county planner, Clerk of the Legislature Connie Hayes was appointed as Fair Housing officer.

• VOTING MACHINES:  A resolution was passed on the recommendation of the County Board of Election Commissioners that election custodians servicing lever machines be compensated at a rate of $60 per machine and $10 per hour for other services related to the election and those voting machine technicians serving in a computer technical capacity be compensated at a rate of $25 per hour and the voting machine custodians be compensated for mileage . 

•PARKING:  An agreement was authorized to be signed by the chairman with the First Presbyterian Church for use of the church parking lot due to parking shortage during normal hours at the county complex for a fee of $500 for one year. 

• BID:  A bid was accepted for a 2008 Volvo rubber tire excavator from Vantage Equipment.   The total purchase price is $159,911.