A new view on the Outlet Trail

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The Chronicle Express
This furnace, which was lined with bricks made of chromium, has been removed from the former JT Baker Chemical site near the Keuka Outlet and Outlet Trail.

Those who travel the Keuka Outlet Trail have probably noticed the progress in cleaning up the former J.T. Baker Chemical site. The process included tearing down and removing buildings and an old furnace that was lined with bricks containing chromium.

According to a report by Arcadis of New York, the company that’s doing the clean-up under the watchful eye of the Department of Environmental Conservation and The Friends of the Outlet, the removal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste is complete.

The property is owned by The Friends of the Outlet.

Between about 1900 and 1966, the J.T. Baker Company manufactured carbon disulfide at the 18-acre facility located near the intersection of Outlet and Ridge Roads, along the border of the Towns of Milo and Torrey. After 1968, the site was used for wholesale tire recapping ans sales.

Wastes from chemical plant operations were disposed in two areas of the property. The disposal sites contained coal, cinders and ash, crystalline and powdery sulfer generated during the period of carbon disulfide manufacturing.

In the 1990s, the DEC found sulfer wastes and low levels of volatile organic chemicals, chromium and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the disposal areas. Those areas were cleaned up in 1999, but most of the buildings and a furnace that contained chromium bricks and debris remained until the most recent clean-up project.

Additional documents about the project can be found at the Penn Yan Public Library.

This was the view upstream from the deck at the former JT Baker Chemical Site in December. Hazardous Waste Clean-up has been completed at the site, which is now owned by the Friends of the Outlet.