Dresden to get a new entry sign

Staff reports

DRESDEN —  The Dresden Village Board voted to approve a new entrance sign at the Jan. 30 meeting. 

The present village sign has shown signs of wear for some time and village officials have decided on a welcome sign which incorporates a fish relief in the design.  The new sign will be made of durable material and include a guarantee. 

Placement of the sign is still under review.  Highway Superintendent John Stryker suggested combining a proposed monument to the Crooked Lake Canal and the sign into one area.  Various options will be considered.

Trustee Ron Merritt was absent.

 Other business discussed by the board included:

 • ADA ADDITION:  The meeting was held in the newly completed addition connecting the fire house and the village office.  Village Clerk Terry Dilts asked the board to buy a new phone for the room, which would be equipped with speaker phone for use at meetings.  She also suggested curtains and some decorative touches.  She said she had been doing some research on past Dresden Mayors and thought it would be nice to have their names on a plaque in the meeting room. 

 • FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Ted Cox reported the new fire truck ordered from Smeal of Nebraska should be delivered in mid-February. Mayor Roger Wadsworth reported that Village Attorney Robert Foster is working on the bond for the $268,000 vehicle.

Trustee Loujane Johns asked Cox for an update on a house fire on Cornelia Street, which occurred early in January.  Cox said he understands the owner wants to fix the house, but it is uninhabitable right now. 

 • ZONING:  Foster sent the board a copy of Penn Yan’s unsafe building law for comparison to the present Dresden law.  He suggested reviewing the village law for update into a more detailed version.   The board will be setting a public hearing for this and the State Building Code in April.  A budget hearing is also scheduled at the same time.

 • ELECTIONS:  A petition has been filed by Johns for re-election.  Grace Nussbaumer and Hilda Welker were appointed to serve as election inspectors.

 • PROPERTY:  Stryker told the board he had called Time Warner about one of their dishes blowing over.  The representative told him that the equipment is no longer needed and they will be taking the satellites down behind the tennis courts on Firehouse Ave.  They will not have need for the small piece of property or the building.  The board decided to restore the area with grass. 

 • HISTORIAN:  After many years as village historian, Ray Welker has asked to give the job up.  The village is looking for an interested resident to take the position.  Inquires may be made at the village office. Most of the historical records are housed in the Ingersoll Museum.

 • MEETING : The February meeting was held on Jan. 30 because Wadsworth will be out of town.  The next regular meeting will be on April 2 at 7:30.