Legislators allow lodging businesses to retain a portion of occupancy tax

Loujane Johns

Legislator Robert Nielsen introduced a resolution at the Feb. 11 legislative meeting to reimburse owners of  lodging and vacation rental facilities three percent up to $30 per rental for collecting occupancy tax.   A group of owners had asked for five percent. 

County Treasurer Bonnie Percy said there are about 125 to 150 owners of this type of property.  All members voted in favor. Legislators Deb Flood and Tim Dennis were absent.

• PLANNER:  Shawna E. Armitage was appointed Yates County Planner.  County Administrator Sarah Purdy said Armitage grew up in Middlesex.  She spent four years as planner in Laurel, Md. She then worked for a private developer in Laurel.  Purdy said Armitage is delighted to return to the area.  her starting salary is $57,000.

• REAL PROPERTY DIRECTOR:  Patricia C. Brede was appointed Real Property Tax Services Director.  Purdy said Brede has been Town Assessor in Avon and Livonia and was looking to further her career.

Purdy added that she was glad to have both of these positions filled, saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing the lights on in  that corner of the building again.  She thanked a group of county employees for filling in : Connie Hayes, Bonnie Percy, Jane Smith and Randy Deal.  Legislator Don House commended the outstanding job done by Joe Bonvenzi of Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, who helped out with the county planning board during the vacancy.

• VACANCIES: Purdy said following the meeting, applications are being reviewed for a Information Technology Director, approved for in the 2008 budget.

Several qualified applications have been received for the animal control officer position.  A civil service test is scheduled soon, so the committee is waiting until tests are taken before starting interviews.

• PARKING LOT: A SEQR resolution was approved on county owned property at 414 Liberty St.  to be converted into a parking lot with 19 spaces.  An authorization was also approved to advertise for sealed bids for the demolition of the structure which contains asbestos contaminated material at that location. An allotment for $137,000 for the project is in this year’s budget for the work.

• FIRE ADVISORY:  Fourteen members were appointed to the Yates County Fire Advisory Board.

• DOG POUND:  A resolution was amended to extend a lease on the dog pound until June 30,2008.

• RECOGNITION: Many county employees were  recognized for years of service.  Undersheriff Jack Gleason had 35 years.  A complete list of employees who were recognized will appear in next weeks paper. 

Upon the recommendation of Sheriff Ron Spike the Legislature recognized the meritorious service of Safety Officers ESD Michael Chapman and CO/ Sgt. Chad Gridley to the Sheriff’s Office and public safety and jail building’s Fire and Safety Program.

• IDA:  Kevin Bailey  was appointed to the Yates County Industrial Development Agency Board of Directors for a term from 2/11/08 to 12/31/2009.