Income survey could help Penn Yan secure grants

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Village residents are being asked to provide information about their personal income in hopes that the information will help the village qualify for state or federal funding to help pay for improvements to village services like water, sewer and streets.  

The village of Penn Yan has retained the consulting firm of Stuart I. Brown Associates to conduct a survey of households. The survey will help to establish the village’s eligibility for certain state and federal grants. Questionnaires were distributed to every household in the village on Feb. 20.

At the Feb. 19 Village Board meeting, Trustee Willie Allison told the public that it’s important the questionnaires be completed and returned directly to Brown Associates to assist in the process.

Allison said village officials will not see individual salary figures from the questionnaire. He said the consultant will compile the information to illustrate the income ranges in the village.

Barbara Johnston, a senior planner with Stuart I. Brown Associates, says if a sufficient number of surveys are not returned, the village will not be eligible for grant funding and the cost of necessary sewer and water system improvements will need to be paid for with village tax dollars.

Earlier this week, village officials learned an error had been made in the mailing. According to a document released by Stuart Brown Associates, the firm mistakenly used village letterhead that is out of date and did not list all the current village trustees.

The correct list of officials that should be listed on the letterhead are Mayor Douglas Marchionda Jr., Trustees William J. Allison, Michael Christensen, Michael D’Abbracci, Robert B. Hoban, Robert J. Church and Nancy S. Taylor and Clerk/Treasurer Shawna Wilber.

“Our firm takes full responsibility for this error and hopes that it will not dissuade residents from responding to the household survey,” stated the release.

“The grants that Village of Penn Yan officials are seeking would provide needed funding for improvements to the village’s sewer and water facilities,” said Johnston.