New voting machines have arrived

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Election Commissioner Robert Brechko demonstrates the operation of the new voting machine.

Last week the Yates County Board of Elections received the first two of 16 voting machines for future use in elections.  The Help America Vote Act was enacted in 2002, but New York State is one of the last states to put the systems in place.

The machines were first tested in Albany and then tested at the local board of elections.  Training for election workers will begin soon.  Only the ballot marking function will be used in the 2008 elections.  The old lever machines will still be used for most voters to cast their votes.  There were 12,558 active registered voters in March 2008 in Yates County. 

There will be one of the new machines in each polling place this fall in addition to the lever machines.  The devices will be on display at the Board of Election Office.