In loving memory of those who served

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Yates County Judge W. Patrick Falvey addresses the audience from the bandstand at the Yates County Courthouse during the Penn Yan Memorial Day ceremony

Memorial Day

How can we say thank you for all your bravery,

The courage to secure our country never wavering

As you faced enemies, known and unknown,

In the fight of a lifetime for those you loved at home.

How can we say thank you for putting yourself last

In a world where it's easy to put me first.

There are many who will never know your sacrifices,

But you gave us all the chance to pursue our dreams and vices.

How can we say thank you for you runconditional loyalty

To all the people and principles that hold our country together.

We are all equally worth being saved in you minds,

Even though we forget who keeps us safe sometimes.

How can we say thank you on this Memorial Day?

Shake a hand, pat a back and tell the Veterans who paved the way

That we're better now because of them; their service more than ample.

And we're proud of the new generation of veterans who follow their example.

Written by Sheila Disbrow, Lt. Col. USAF Retired

Second Vice Commander, American Legion Post 355

The honor guard in Dresden offers a salute to those who served.