Pro Football Weekly Fantasy Football starts Monday

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

NFL training camps are in full swing. And that means fantasy football players are already thirsting for any nugget of information to give them the edge for their upcoming drafts.

Pro Football Weekly and, products of GateHouse Media, are prepared to quench that thirst.

Since 1967, Pro Football Weekly has been a key source of information about the NFL. Both the weekly publication and the Web site offer features, commentaries and insider information.

And beginning Monday, fans can sign up for Pro Football Weekly Fantasy, a free online game that will challenge even the most die-hard fantasy fans. In the highly interactive stock-market game, player values will rise and fall based on real-time supply and demand. Owners will try to buy low and sell high, building the value of their rosters as they try to outsmart the most knowledgeable football fans in America.

“It’s really the next generation of fantasy football,” said Keith Schleiden, editor in chief of Pro Football Weekly.

“It’s a unique twist on fantasy football. Instead of just drafting your team in August, with our game, you can choose a new lineup every week. But there is an additional layer of strategy involved with player values changing on a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute basis.”

Winners will be featured in Pro Football Weekly and on the Web site, and there will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes. 

To preregister, go to and look for the link.