Torrey looks to next step for water extension

Loujane Johns

The results of a survey sent to 98 homeowners on Arrowhead Beach, Rock Haven Beach and Perry Point inquiring if they would be interested in having municipal water service is in.

Fifty- four respondents expressed interest, 17 said they were not interested, 12 were undecided and 15 were not returned. 

Town Clerk Betty Daggett said she had inquires from some who responded as undecided, wanting to know the cost first. Supervisor Pat Flynn said the cost is unknown at this time until studies are done. Daggett also said three owners who said “no” have their property for sale.

Members of the Torrey Town Board were pleased with the results and can now move on to the next phase.  Residents in the three lakefront areas have been interested in having municipal water in the past.  The water would be supplied by the Village of Dresden.

Other business discussed at the August meeting of the Torrey Town Board:

•APPOINTMENT:  Flynn appointed John Ghidiu to fill a vacancy on the board, created when Councilman Gerry Schichtel resigned on March 31 because he moved out of the town. 

The Torrey Board had been questioned at several meetings about why they had not filled the position by appointment. Ghidiu applied and expressed interest at several meetings.  He is running for election to the vacancy on the Democratic ticket in November. 

Also attending the Tuesday night meeting was Colby Peterson, who said he has turned in a petition to run for councilman on the Independent ticket.

Ghidiu was sworn in and took a seat with the board to fill out the term until after the election. 

• SEQRA: With no objection from the Village of Dresden as to Torrey being the lead agency, a State Environmental Quality Review Assessment on the comprehensive plan was adopted.

• COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:  After many months of meetings and hard work by committees, the board adopted the new comprehensive plan for the Town of Torrey.

The board learned that Joe Bovenzi of Genessee Regional Finger Lakes Planning Council, who worked closely with them on the plan, has taken a  position in Maryland.

• WEBSITE:  Flynn asked Ghidiu to work with Daggett on developing a website for the town.

• LAND TRUST: Resident Eugene Wilson asked the board for a letter of support to put his farmland in the Finger Lakes Land Trust.  Flynn commented that this is in keeping with the comprehensive plan idea of preserving the agricultural character of the town. All members approved with John Martini being absent.

• AUDIT:  Flynn appointed Councilwoman Linda Francisco and Ghidiu to review the audit of the Town Justice books.

• HIGHWAY:  Superintendent Dick Mashewski reported the mower is broken and other towns have offered to let the department use their mower until a replacement is purchased. He said his department has been working with other towns on projects, as part of shared services. 

• FORMS:  Flynn announced there are complaint forms available in the town office for consumers from the Attorney General’s office.

• LEGISLATORS:  Yates County Legislators Tim Dennis and Rick Wilson both were in attendance.

Dennis explained the three legislators (Don House) from District II have decided at least one will attend each town meeting. 

Dennis said it is not meant to interfere with the town business, but they want to make themselves available if the towns need help making connections with other county agencies.  By attending they can be up-to-date with the towns and relay county information at the meetings.

Dennis asked the clerk if she could send three copies of the minutes and agendas to the legislators.

Dennis reported that Yates County Personnel Officer Wendy Gibson will be dealing with insurance questions and workman’s compensation issues in the interim, following the retirement of Bob Pridmore.