Good news, bad news for Himrod Water District in Milo

Loujane Johns

Milo Town Engineer Wayne Ackart reported to the town board at the August meeting that there was good news and bad news about the proposed new Himrod 1A water district.

The good news is  Larsen Engineers has completed the paper work for the numerous permits. Ackart said as soon as all the permits are approved, project bids should be able to go out. “It sounds like we are on track for fall.” 

He also said because of the smaller size of the tank, the company says there should not be any problem with freezing. 

The bad news came in the form of a communication received by Keuka Housing Council (KHC), that the grant to help homeowners in the district has been turned down. KHC Director Kathy Disbrow has contacted Albany to see if she can find out why the grant was denied. Disbrow says she is looking into some other options.

The grant money would have given homeowners up to $4500 each to help with the cost for upgrades and connection to the new service.  Supervisor John Socha says he thinks this is just a sign of budget cuts to come from Albany.

Other business discussed at the meeting:

• BROWNOUTS: Ackart reported there have not been any brownouts, despite the numerous storms.  When problems arose in the last year with brownouts resulting in problems with grinder pumps burning out, Ackart talked with NYSEG and the company had a supervisor notified immediately by a phone hook-up when the problems occurred.  Since these arrangements were made, Ackart said there have been no further problems.

• SERVICE SADDLES:  The results of soil sample testing for corrosibility showed two areas passed and two didn’t. Ackart says the problem seems to be concentrated in the first 5,000 feet , which is 20 percent or one mile of the system.  The worst area is in the first test pit.  

The saddle which was found snapped was the result of over-tightening and not corrosion, according to Ackart. “Compared to the problem we had a few months ago, this is pretty good news.  It does not look like the system will need any big replacement at this time.”

• BRUSH CUTTER:  Approval was given for the purchase of a brush cutter to be used to trim the other side of guard rails and along banks at a cost not to exceed $17,500.

• PERMITS: All members approved of changing the responsibility of special use permits from the ZBA to the town planning board.

• AGREEMENT:  Authorization was given for a maintenance agreement with Sieivert Equipment for the Sewer 1-2 pump station at Camp Corey.  This year’s cost will be $1347. Next year’s amount will be negotiated.

• WATER:  Larsen Engineers has prepared a design for the Himrod water lines to be installed in the right-of-ways.  Approval was given by the board.

• GAMES: A public hearing was set for Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. to allow organizations to conduct games of chance.  The resolution was referred to the town and county planning boards.

• GRANT:  The board members agreed to submit an application for a justice court grant for equipment.

• EXEMPTIONS: Councilman Earle Gleason told the board the county legislature will be holding a public hearing at the Sept. 8 meeting about changes in senior citizen and veteran’s tax exemptions. He said the town should also take a look at tax exemptions.