Unraveling address quandary in Jerusalem

Loujane Johns

When a group of citizens were asked to be on a committee to further investigate what they considered to be a real problem with addresses in the Town of Jerusalem, they took their job seriously. 

Alice Hunt and Bob Johnson spear-headed the committee, which produced an amazing, intensive report. 

Councilman Ray Stewart said at the August Town meeting, “What Bob and Alice have done on this is amazing. They got ahold of it and aren’t letting go.”

The other good thing that has happened as the result of the report is that several agencies have come together to talk about the issue and work things out.  Instead of saying “our system works,” or “ it’s not our problem, “  people sat down and exchanged ideas.

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike, Chief Dispatcher Sandy Smith, Jerusalem Supervisor Daryl Jones, Stewart, Hunt and Johnson  all sat down to discuss how they could help make the numbering system better for all involved.

Spike has promised full cooperation and assistance.  He has offered to share mapping software and the 911 map book.  He even pledged $2000 towards a fund to pay for the numbers needed for a door-to-door “Get Those Numbers Posted Campaign.”

Hunt said they were told that the 911 emergency service system works very well with finding locations.  They have dealt with the duplicate numbers and citizens can be assured that the enhanced 911 will show locations for responders to answer calls.

Spike reiterated what he said in an article in the July 30, 2008 issue of The Chronicle-Express that the main problem faced by emergency personnel is the lack of signs.  He said some signs are hard to read and hard to find.

The Postal Service has also agreed to help by paying the cost of sending letters notifying residents about changes of address.

A survey taken by the committee showed that 90 percent of the residents who would be involved want to move forward with the address changes needed.

A group of volunteers are ready to move on to the next phase of the work.