State eliminates sales tax form mailing

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Recognizing that small businesses may not have received notification from the state Department of Taxation and Finance that it would no longer mail quarterly sales and use tax forms for filing, Assemblyman Jim Bacalles,today issued an urgent reminder to business owners the deadline is fast approaching and his office can provide the form upon request.

The deadline for this quarter's filing is Monday, Dec. 22 and as business owners know, he added, failure to file in a timely fashion could make them subject to fines and penalties.

In an effort to save the state money in paper, preparation and mailing costs, the tax department is no longer providing regular sales tax filers with a blank form, which is usually mailed prior to the quarterly deadlines, Bacalles said.  "The state is facing a large budget deficit and I understand what prompted this decision," he noted, "but I've heard from a number of small business owners who claim they never received a notice of this action by the Department of Taxation and Finance."  However, it appears some businesses received a notice along with a blank sales tax form, while others did not.

 "I think it's only right the state notify business owners about this and at the very least the department should have issued a press release about the impending change in procedure," Bacalles explained, "and as far as I can tell, they didn't."

Consequently, Bacalles offered to mail the new quarterly sales tax and use return, ST-100, to those who contact his Bath district office and request it. His office phone number is 607-776-9691.  The tax form also can be downloaded, which is how all businesses are being asked to get their tax forms, on the internet by visiting the tax department's website at