D'Amico joins race for Yates Legislature

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Another member of Candidates Against Spending & Taxation (C.A.S.T.) is running for Yates County Legislature.

Stephen D’Amico lives at 253 West Lake Road, Penn Yan with his wife Marla and children Giovanni and Santina. He will be running in the Towns of Italy, Middlesex and Jerusalem – District 1.

He is a registered Republican, but he is running on the unaffiliated line of the ballot, which also means his name will not appear in the Sept. 15 Republican primary.

He and his two brothers own D’Amico Plumbing & Heating and he is currently President and CFO of the company.

He has an Engineering Science Degree and has completed a five-year apprenticeship through Union Local 13.

“We’re not cookie cutter candidates,” says D’Amico, adding, “We all have different ideas how to change things for the better and share a lot of common ground even with our party differences.”

D’Amico says he has extensive experience with contracts, bidding and project management.

He loves sports and has played rugby and baseball most of his life He also enjoys flying and has had his pilot’s license for 20 years. He has been a member of Lions International for 25 years and coaches youth football.

“There’s too much complacency and waste in our county government,” said D’Amico. “We need to be more fiscally responsible.”

The District I Legislators who are seeking re-election are Donna Alexander (R) Middlesex; Taylor Fitch (R), Jerusalem; Robert Multer (R), Middlesex and Douglas Paddock (R) Jerusalem.

Other C.A.S.T. members running for a seat on the County Legislature are Pat Galvin (R) in District 3, Mark Morris (R) in District 3, Mary St. George (D) and Dennis Race (I) in Dist. 1, Dale Lane (R) in District 3 and Joe Gibson (R) in District 4.

The Republican Primary will be held Tuesday, Sept. 15 and the General Election will be held Nov. 3.