Penn Yan Public Library kicks off 2009 Capital Campaign

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The Chronicle Express
Pat Selwood (left) hands President of the Board Wanda Wood(right) a check for $5,000. Penn Yan Public Library Director Lynn Overgaard is in the center.

The Penn Yan Public Library Board of Trustees is kicking off a 2009 Capital Campaign to raise funds for the second two phases of the Library Building project.

The board is sending letters to patron households asking for help in this attempt to raise funds.

Board President Wanda Wood says the trustees listened to the community after the bond vote failed to pass and are trying to do the things that are required with only some cosmetic touches.

The Friends of the Penn Yan Public Library have donated $5,000 to kick off the building fund for the Phase two of the library building project. Phase two includes the repair, insulating, and reroofing of the Carnegie Building.

Says Board President Wanda Wood, “This is not something we would like to do, it is something we must do before the sagging rafters deteriorate further and allow water damage to the interior.”

Phase two is estimated to cost about $150,000. About one third of that is already available. Some funds remain from Phase 1 and some have been donated by several organizations and individuals . The board is working on finding more grant money but is asking the community to help this time.

Phase one, which consisted of major renovations to the 1982 addition to the original Carnegie building, was completed in June with a New York State Public Library Construction Grant matched by past donations and an IEEP grant for the lighting.

Phase three will include renovations to the upstairs interior of the Carnegie building, including uncovering the original ceiling, repairing walls and improving the lighting.

“The community is enjoying the changes that have taken place already,” says Wood.

“During the month of July, 43 people entered the library every hour of the 56.5 hours it is open each week. So come on in and see the changes we have made already and be generous when you get the letter detailing our plan.”