Looking good at the top of the list

Loujane Johns

In anticipation of an influx of visitors, workers and VIPs to the Finger Lakes Cultural and Natural History Museum,  the Jerusalem Town Council wants to start getting ready for company.  

Planning Board Chairman Bob Evans suggested a sub-committee be formed to look at the current property maintenance laws.  The council decided at the June 16 meeting to by-pass that process and move ahead to having Town Attorney Philip Bailey make recommendations so problems can be addressed more promptly.

Building and Zoning Officer John Phillips was unable to attend but sent a letter expressing the need for more enforceable laws.  

Councilman Neil Simmons said there have been incidents where people have only mowed their lawns once a year.  He asked Bailey to put this at the top of his list.

• GRANT: Jennifer Gruschow, a planning board member,  said she would like permission to apply for a Master Hamlet Plan Grant for Branchport.  She said she had been working with Empire Zone Co-ordinator Ryan Hallings on the preliminaries.  “I think everyone is on board that Branchport could use a little up-lifting,” Gruschow said.

In order to meet the July 17 application deadline, the council set two public hearings to allow residents to give input on what they want to see in Branchport.  All approved and dates will be published.

• HIGHWAY:  Superintendent Bob Payne reported the CHIPS money is coming through, “So it’s full speed ahead.”  He also said he had received some calls about hogweed and faxed a list of locations to the DEC.  “They were very interested and in fact, some one was here today to investigate,” Payne said.•• •

• TRUCK : Councilman Ray Stewart reported on the purchase of a new truck for the water and sewer department.  A local dealer had a used commercial van the department was interested in.  Councilman Mike Folts suggested a utility trailer could serve the same purpose at a lesser cost. After some discussion the council agreed to pursue a trailer.

• STEEP SLOPES:  Members approved an amended steep slopes law.  Jones voted against.  He wanted the soil disturbance to be more than 300 square feet.

• PRIVATE ROADS : A resolution was passed to clarify that residents on private roads will purchase, install and maintain their own road signs.  Payne said it is no different than maintaining a mail box or house numbers.

• PURCHASE : A $185 purchase of media for Pictometry was approved.

• APPOINTMENT:  Bev Eggleston was appointed summer recreation director for the Jul. 12 to Aug. 12 Monday through Friday program.  Her salary will be $3783, up $110 from last year.

• CONTRACTORS :  A resolution was amended for contractor insurance requirements.  The council agreed to accept written letters from churches of the Mennonite community in lieu of insurance.

• EXECUTIVE : Jones was authorized to execute a retainer agreement with special counsel Hodgson & Russ.