Yates County Legislature meets Dec. 13

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature meets Monday, Dec. 13 at 1 p.m. in the legislative chambers at the Yates County Office Complex, 417 Liberty St., Penn Yan. The meeting is open to the public.

Resolutions that are on the agenda at this point include:

To be introduced by Donna Alexander, chair of Public Safety Committee  

443-10   Recognize DCJS Reaccrediation To Sheriff’s Office        

444-10   Acknowledge Sheriff’s Online Accident Report Distributio

445-10   Authorize Jail Boarding Payment to Onondaga County

446-10    Authorize Chairman To Sign Inter-Municipal Agreement With Monroe County For Forensic Laboratory Services – 2011

447-10    Authorize Filling Sheriff’s Correction’s Vacancies

448-10    Authorize Sheriff To Renew EAP Agreement For 2011

449-10    Authorize Renewal Of Accreditation Consultant Agreement For 2011 (Worden)

450-10   Authorize Sheriff to Renew Tower Site (Italy Hill) Lease Agreement With American Towers

451-10   Authorize Chairman And Sheriff To Sign Pre-Arraignment Detention (Lock-Up) Inter-municipal Agreement With Village Of Penn Yan For 2011

452-10   Rescind Resolutions 245 and 246-10 (Jail Boarding)

453-10   Appoint Deputy Fire Coordinators (J. Webster, C. Leach, L. Hibbard, C. Prior)

To be introduced by Timothy Dennis, chair of Finance Committee            

454-10  2010 Budget Transfers

456-10  Appropriate Public Health Donations

457-10  Decrease State Aid Funding Community Services

458-10  Appropriate Additional Administration Federal Aid Funding (Department of Social Services)

459-10 Appropriate Portion Of Centralized Property Tax Administration Program Grant (Real Property Tax Department)

460-10  Appropriate Federal Grant AIP No. 3-36-0094-27-10 And State DOT Grant 6910-27 (Airport Project Fund)

461-10  Accept Bid On Tax Acquired Property

462-10  Adopt Equalization And Apportionment Table

463-10  Resolution of Denial correction Of Error-2011 County/Town Tax Roll

464-10  Authorize Chairman To Sign Contract Amendment (NYSDEC)

465-10  Resolution Approving The Official Undertaking of Public Employees Fidelity (Blanket) Bond For Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council

466-10  Authorize Contract Renewal (ECC Telecommunications)

467-10  Authorize Renewal Of Agreement For County Planning Board (Recording Secretary Services)

468-10   Authorize Contract Renewal (LaBella Associates, P.C.)

To be introduced by Donald House, vice chair of Human Services Committee

469-10  Workforce Development Budget Transfer

470-10  New Contract With Pro-Action Of Steuben And Yates Counties, Inc. For The Administration Of The Heating Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) For 2010-2011

471-10  Renew Contract For Employment Training And Assessment Services With Yates County Workforce Development

472-10  Extend Resolution No. 273-10 To Authorize Additional Employability Assessment Services Through 6/30/11

473-10  Amend Resolution No. 415-10 With Keuka Psychological Services- A Healing Journey

474-10  Authorize Chairman Of Legislature To sign A Memorandum Of Understanding For Allocation Of Funding

475-10  Authorize The Chairman Of The Yates County Legislature And The Director/Designee Of Community Services To Amen The Contracts

476-10  Authorize Chairman To Renew Contract (Roets)

477-10  Sign Agreement With Keuka College

To be introduced by Daniel Banach, chair of Public Works Committee

478-10 Repair And Paint Old Courthouse Cupola

479-10 Award Replacement Of Fox’s Mill Bridge Over Keuka Lake Outlet

480-10 Authorize Superintendent To Advertise For Materials

481-10 Authorize Highway Superintendent To Proceed With Leachate Hauling & Disposal Bid Document Preparation And To Advertise For Bids For Leachate Hauling And Disposal At The County Landfill On Long Point Road

To be introduced by William Holgate, chair of Government Operations Committee          

482-10 Approve Mortgage Tax Apportionment

483-10 Authorize Chairman Of Legislature To Sign Lease Agreement (Keuka Abstract Corporation)

484-10 Authorize Chairman To Sign Service Agreement Addendum With ACS Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

485-10 Create Part-Time Deputy Fire Coordinator Positions

486-10 Authorize Chairman To Sign Renewal Contract With The Family Counseling Service Of The Finger Lakes, Inc. For EAP Services

487-10 Create Deputy Director of Emergency management Position And Abolish Senior Account Clerk Typist Position

488-10 Authorize Chairman To Sign Renewal Contract With ExtraDev