Caves named Deputy Director

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature named Diane Caves Deputy Director of Emergency Management at the Dec. 13 meeting.  The newly created position is a full-time CSEA position.

Caves’ previous position, Senior Account Clerk Typist for the Emergency Management Department was abolished.

The deputy director position will help smooth the transition following the retirement of Director Glen Miller on Nov. 30. The Legislature decided not to fill Miller’s position temporarily, but wait until a Civil Service exam in the spring to select a successor.

In addition, one part-time Deputy Fire Coordinator position was created at $31 an hour.  Two temporary part-time Deputy Fire Coordinators will receive $25 per hour.  

County Administrator Sarah Purdy said following the meeting the temporary part-time positions would not be permanent and these people would  help out with training until a director is named.

Four area firemen, Jared Webster, Charles Leach, Lee Hibbard and Craig Prior were appointed Deputy Fire Coordinators.  All are volunteers in the fire service and do not receive pay.

• APPOINTMENTS: Chairman Taylor Fitch appointed Daniel Brezinksy, a Penn Yan Academy student, to the Yates County Youth Board.

Fitch appointed Pat Flynn to the Yates County Soil and Water Board.

• COMMENDATION:  Finance Committee Chairman Tim Dennis commended Yates County Treasurer Bonnie Percy for her work on refinancing bonds resulting in a $671,239 savings.

• LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Public Safety Committee Chair Donna Alexander announced that the Sheriff’s law enforcement police services has received a five year accreditation by the New York State Accreditation Council.

• BIDS:  A bid for repair and painting of the old courthouse cupola from Iverson Construction  for $33,500 was accepted.  No other proposals were submitted.

A bid for replacement of the Fox Mill Bridge over the Keuka Lake Outlet by Crane Hogan Structural Systems for $619,991.96 was accepted.  The 2011 county budget contains a $706,000 line item for this project.

• LANDFILL:  Purdy said a contract approved with Barton & Loguidice, P.C. is routine and signed every five years.  The contract is for leachate hauling and disposal at the closed county landfill on Long Point Road.

• TAX RATE:  Legislators adopted the town and county tax rates as compiled by the Real Property Tax Director for 2011.

• YEAR?END?MEETING: The legislature’s year end meeting will be held Dec. 29 at 1 p.m.