Yates Planning Board favors marsh path

John Christensen

During its Jan. 27 meeting, the Yates County Planning Board disagreed with of the changes to the zoning chapter for the Waterfront Development and Conservation District proposed by the Penn Yan Village Board.

The change, to limit the requirement for easements to the south side of the Keuka Outlet and marsh had already been disputed by the Penn Yan Village Planning Board, and a new revision is going through the public hearing and approval process in the village.

It was noted by board members that the Penn Yan Village Board and the Penn Yan Planning Board are at odds over the changes being pursued, solely at the insistence of a single property owner who objected to easements on the Elm Street side of the marsh.

County board members commented about the inconsistency in the village board’s position:

• The Keuka Outlet Trail already crosses numerous private parcels

• The marsh is public property

• The trail there will be a boardwalk out in the cattails

• The landowner in question doesn’t own to the water’s edge

• Even if she did, the public has the right of passage across waterfront property

The county board’s responsibility in the matter was to review and comment on proposed code  changes.

Other business on the planning board’s agenda included:

• TOWNHOUSES:?With the conversion of Strong Hall to student housing for Keuka College, and the loss of 40 private apartment units in Keuka Park, William Sutherland resubmitted his plan to construct a five-unit, multi-family dwelling at the corner of Assembly Avenue and Pear Street. The changes asked for by the Town of Jerusalem to reorient the building and parking have been made.  The Board unanimously approved, pending submission of an erosion and storm water drainage plan.

• WOOD?TEX: The board approved construction of a new fabrication and assembly structure on Trenchard Road in the Town of Milo.

• REMAX:?The board approved a plan submitted by Remax Realty to renovate a building at the corner of Liberty and Keuka Streets. A representative  from the company said a new tenant will be moving into the firm’s current location on Lake Street.

• BEST?WESTERN: The board approved the planned expansion of parking and a privacy fence at the Best?Western Inn in Penn Yan. One board member asked how the hotel’s expansion was approved without the required parking included.

• RETIREMENT: The board accepted the retirement of Dave Christiansen of Torrey.