History group organizes in Jerusalem

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The first meeting of The Jerusalem History Club took place Monday Jan. 24 at the Modeste Bedient Library. About a dozen interested people showed up for the informal meeting.

It was pointed out that the club was being organized to assist the Town of Jerusalem history records and, therefore, to generate more information than that already exists. Those existing records exist because of the past Town Historian, Jane Davis, and the extremely extensive records that she developed over the years. Therefore, the purpose of the Jerusalem History Club is to generate new information which would be added to the existing files and to generate new information previously not generally known about historic events, buildings, artifacts and incidents relating to Jerusalem History.

Additionally, as a part of this effort, the records would be digitalized to bring those records into the modem age of accessibility. Also, organize existing Town history records into a modem outline of usage, notes Town Historian Bob Evans.

Possible areas of investigation was presented by Annette Toaspern.

That presentation included the following:

1. Collections of History concerning the following: The Plank Road, Bluff Point Stone Works, Historical houses and cottages. Steamboat stops and Trolley related information (About 2 miles south of Branchport there are pilings from the steam boat days).

2. Cemetery Restoration and Clean-up: The Rose Cemetery in The State Park, The Friend Cemetery between Friend Road and Friend Hill Road owned by the Town of Jerusalem, and others.

3. Obtain photographic records of the Town as it exists today.

4. Additional items of historical significance that were pointed out are the following: A) Possible re- construction of the “Old Trolley Ticket Booth”, B) Re-examine the Jupertown Site of the old Seneca Indian village and its related Indian Burial Grounds. C) The Old School House on County House Road. D) A project has already been initiated to re-paint the NY State Historical markers in the town. E) Re-examine various pre- Indian village cites.

At the end of the meeting, Annette Toaspern was unanimously appointed Coordinator for the Jerusalem History Club.

The next meeting of the Jerusalem History Club is scheduled for 3 p.m. Feb. 15 at The Jerusalem Town Hall. The main purpose of that meeting will be to familiarize all with the vast historical collections and exhibits that are displayed there. All interested people are invited to attend.