Rotary seeks community partners

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Penn Yan Rotary Club is seeking partners to undertake direct action projects in the club service area. Partners can be any non-profit or government agency that provides a unique and critical service that promotes youth development, the arts, reading literacy, economic advancement and independence for the most needy or world peace and understanding. In the recent past, partners have been the Yates County Program in Literacy, Literacy Volunteers, middle school organizations and early childhood and pre-school childcare.  

The Rotary contribution to the partnership will be volunteer support by its members and financial support from Rotary International. Typical support is in the range of $500-1000. Using Rotary’s support to leverage other support is ideal; and the most competitive projects acquire tangible goods or create durable community assets.  The project must start no earlier than  July 2011 and finish by June 2012.

Rotary Clubs worldwide raise millions each year for world changing projects.  The largest project has been the drive to eradicate Polio through inoculation of every living child with the Polio vaccine.  Polio has been wiped out in all but a few pockets left in Africa and Asia.  Other Projects include building and equipping schools in Pakistan, India, and throughout Africa and South America; or providing wells and other low tech means to have safe drinking water.  

A portion of every charitable dollar raised by Rotarians comes back to the donor community for its use in recognition of the fact that few places in the world are truly free of problems or needs.  100% of every dollar raised through Rotary charitable events or donation to the Rotary Foundation is spent in direct aid; nothing is siphoned off for administrative expenses.

Organizations wishing to propose a partner project are invited to send a brief description of the project to the club’s president-elect, Gregory Blair at Five Star Bank 129 Elm St Penn Yan NY (315-536- 6074) or by Email; Gablair @  by March 15.