Take our poll: Do you think winter is over?

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Snowplow operators started the possibly long process of keeping roads and parking lots open this morning. Moderate to heavy snow is expected to continue through the morning.

The official start of spring is just a couple of weeks away, but we've been reminded recently that some of the most severe winter weather (remember the ice storm of 1991, the 1993 blizzard or the heavy snow in March 1999?) has hit in March.

Do you think we'll see another major storm before spring really does arrive? Take our poll.

(This poll has been posted because just hours after we posted this week's poll about licensing bicycles in New York State, the Queens Assemblyman who introduced one of the bills, back-peddled on the legislation and pulled it. If you'd still like to vote on that poll, you can find the story and poll linked below.)