Milo creates new advisory committee

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

At their regular meeting Feb. 22, the Milo town board created and appointed a new committee. The Legislative Advisory Committee’s purpose is to effectively draft the new laws coming with the town’s comprehensive plan, which reportedly doubles the number of Milo’s zoning districts.

“The Planning Board was bogged down with all the work involved. They’re just volunteers,” said Supervisor John Socha.

The Legislative Advisory Committee members are:

•  Yates County Planning Representative, Shawna Bonshak

• Town of Milo Planning Representative, Kay Williamson

• Town of Milo Zoning Representative, Phil Riehl

• Town of Milo Board Representative, James Harris

• Town of Milo Attorney, Robert Foster

• Town of Milo Code Enforcement Officer, Anthony Validzic

• Town of Milo Resident, Nate Riehl

• Town of Milo Resident, Dave Baum

The chairman of the new committee will be elected by them at its first meeting, the date of which is yet to be determined.

Socha anticipates that the laws will be drafted and enacted on an “as needed basis” in keeping with the comprehensive plan, rather than trying to write them all at once. The first task will be to define and map all the new zoning districts.

On a related topic, the public hearing for the local law enacting a six-month moratorium on the establishment of an Adult Entertainment zone was opened and closed without comment from the public, and the law passed unanimously. The intent of the moratorium is to give the town time to establish an exact area for the state-mandated zone. No such businesses exist in Milo, nor are there any applications.

• ELECTIONS: Election Commissioners Amy Daines (Republican) and Robert Brechko (Democrat) reported on the changes to election laws regarding absentee ballots, split shifts for poll workers, and the possibility of moving primaries into June. They recommended combining Milo voting districts one and two for a savings of $2000 per election. Milo must also decide what to do with all their old lever voting machines. Penn Yan Central School District has expressed a desire to keep the newest models for school elections, but the older ones may be sold for scrap.

• WASTEWATER: Repealed Local Law #1-1993: Uniform Wastewater Management. A public hearing for the new law to conform to new state requirements will be held March 21.

• RAISE: The board approved a 50¢ per hour raise for court clerk Laurie Jensen. This is the six-month raise that was part of Jensen’s employment agreement.

• FIRE CONTRACTS: Authorized Socha to sign the 2011 fire contracts with Penn Yan ($109,440) and Himrod ($80,930) Fire Departments.

• MORATORIUM: Discussed the possibility of passing a hydrofracking moratorium similar to Jerusalem’s.