Yates County Surpasses $60,000 in savings with ProAct Rx discount cards in six months

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Yates County residents have collectively saved over $60,000 at the pharmacy counter with a discount prescription drug program sponsored by Yates County government in the fall of 2010. Over 1,200 prescriptions have been filled, saving participants an average of 53 percent or $47.53 per script filled.

Yates County Public Health partnered with ProAct, Inc. to provide financial relief for residents who are uninsured or underinsured and needing to fill prescriptions. Participants can also use the discount cards to obtain discounts on vision, hearing and LASIK services. This program was made available through ProAct, Inc. at no cost to Yates County or participants. Anyone who does not currently have a card is encouraged to visit the ProAct website and print their own card.

Currently, 39 counties across New York State have exclusively endorsed the ProAct Prescription Drug Discount Card Program. Participating counties have collectively filled over 1.7 million scripts, amounting to $45 million in savings.

The program offers residents a way to save money when purchasing prescription medication. There are no enrollment forms to fill out, no membership fees, and no age or income requirements. The prescription discount card can be used at any pharmacy in the area and at over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Prescription Drug Discount Cards are available at many local pharmacies and at the Yates County Public Health office.

ProAct, Inc.  is a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company based in Central New York and a division of Kinney Drugs.