Milo board will pursue ‘fracking’ moratorium

John Christensen

Following the lead of Jerusalem, the Town of Milo has voted to have attorney David Foster begin procedures for drafting a moratorium designed to delay any hydraulic fracturing in gas wells until the town can adopt permanent regulations.

“I think it’s important. We need more time to protect the health and safety of our citizens,” said board member Leslie Church. James Harris, another board member, expressed some doubt that if the state Department of Environmental Conservation allows hyrdro-facking, there is little Milo could do to stop it.

Other business on the board’s agenda March 21 included:

•  Local Law 1-1993 was repealed and replaced with LL 2-2011, Wastewater Management Regulations.

• The board accepted the resignation of Carol “Cubby”Graves from the Planning Board and appointed Kay Williamson as chairman of the same.

• A $3,444 Justice grant has been received to upgrade computers and furnishings.

• Harris reported the new Legislative Advisory Committee has had their first meeting, and will meet twice per month until they are up to speed.

• Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike delivered a report on his department’s activity within the town, but outside of Penn Yan in what he described as a busy year; 895 calls were made in Milo out of 13,000-14,000 countywide, with 106 traffic stops and 16 navigation tickets issued. Spike also told of New York’s failure to fund marine patrols despite the fact the funds come from boater registration fees established to ensure safety. “The users of the waterways are paying for this service, and it’s a shame to take it away from them,” said Spike. Yates County’s Marine Patrol issued 104 citations, rescued 46 boaters, including saving three people from drowning on Seneca Lake in 2010.