Yates County Legislature meets May 9

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature will meet at 1 p.m. May 9 in the Legislative Chambers in the County Office Building

The agenda includes:

•    Approve minutes of the April 11th and 14th  meetings

•    Presentation of the Certificate of 911 PSAP Re-Accreditation achievement

•    Speakers: Peter Kehoe, Esq. Exec. Director NYSSA, Albany NY and Sheriff Ron Spike

•    Audit

•    Committee reports

•    Public Comment



170-11    Authorize Jail Boarding Payment To Broome County

171-11    Authorize Sheriff To Sign Agreement For Project Lifesaver

172-11    Recognize 911 PSAP Accreditation Achievement

173-11    Authorize Payment To ARC

174-11    Set Date For Public Hearing On Local Law 1-11 Entitled A Local Law Creating The Department Of Emergency management In The County Of Yates


175-11    2011 Budget Transfers

176-11    Reduce State Aid For OEM

177-11    Reduce State Aid For Community Services

178-11    Appropriate LEIA Program Funding For DSS

179-11    Appropriate Funding For Old East Lake Road Bridge (Highway)

180-11    Appropriate Additional CHIPS Funding (Highway)

181-11    Authorize Payroll Direct Deposits & Deductions

182-11    Authorize Legislature To Approve Amendments To Yates County Planning Board By-laws

183-11    Authorize Chairman To Execute Agreement With Stuart Brown Associates, Inc.

184-11    Approve The Capital Improvement Plan For Fiscal year 2012-2016


185-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer

186-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer

187-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign Contract (Bagchi)

188-11    Amend Contract With Lundy Bancroft, Family Issues Specialist

189-11    EMS Week Proclamation

190-11    Sign Agreement With Julia Pfab, Physical Therapist

191-11    Sign Agreements For Services For Children With Special Needs

192-11    Appoint member To Health Services Advisory Board


193-11    Revise Resolution No. 155-11 To Award Bid For Cold Milling Of Asphalt Pavement On Project #2 To Villager Construction


194-11    Create Temporary Part-Time Laborer Position

195-11    Amend 2011 Non-Union Salary Schedule (#23-11)

196-11    Appoint Commissioner Of Social Services (A. Miller)