Yates County and area town seats up for election in 2011

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The Chronicle Express

This year may not be a big election year for state or federal offices, but there are several countywide and town offices up for grabs, and candidates will be circulating nominating petitions in June. Here’s a rundown of the offices up for election

Yates County

Sheriff: Sheriff Ron Spike currently holds the seat for a four-year term. Ken Kamholtz announced his plans to run early in the year.

Clerk: Julie Betts currently holds the office, which has a four-year term.

Coroner: The four-year term currently held by Douglas Marchionda Jr. is up for election this year.

Legislature (all two year terms):

In District I, incumbent legislators Robert Multer, Donna Alexander, Douglas Paddock and Taylor Fitch have announced plans to seek re-election. District I covers Jerusalem, Italy and Middlesex.

In District II, Rick Willson, Timothy Dennis and Donald House have not announced their plans. District II covers Benton, Potter and Torrey.

In District III, Leslie Church, Daniel Banach and Mark Morris plan to run, but Patrick Galvin will not run again. District III covers most of the town of Milo.

District IV: William Holgate, Steven Webster and James Multer all plan to seek re-election.

Town offices

Barrington: Two town council seats with four-year terms, currently held by Kenneth Christensen Jr. and Calvin Crosby.

Benton: Offices held by Supervisor Robert Clark; Town Council Members  Alan  Tomion and  Richard Harper; Town Clerk Bobbi Wolfe; Tax Collector Mary Lilyea; Town Justice David Grace and Highway Superintendent Jeff Mann will all be on the ballot. The Supervisor’s term is two years and the rest are four years.

Italy: Offices held by Supervisor Brad Jones; Town Clerk Deb Trischler Craig; Town Council Members Timothy Kinton and Malcolm MacKenzie; and Highway Superintendent   Daniel Schenk. The supervisor, clerk and highway superintendent terms are all two years and the town council terms are four years.

Jerusalem: Offices held by Supervisor Daryl Jones, Town Clerk Sheila McMichael, Town Council Members Ray Stewart and Neil Simmons; and Highway Superintendent Robert Payne are up for election. The supervisor’s term is two year terms and the others are four year terms.

Middlesex: Offices held by Supervisor Robert Multer; Town Clerk Kathryn Pelton; Town Council Members Allan Button and Peter Gerbic and Highway Superintendent Thomas Reifsteck will be on the ballot. The town council seat terms are four years and the other seats are two years.

Milo: Offices held by Supervisor John Socha, Town Council Members Dale Hallings, and Arden Sorensen, who are both seeking re-election and Town Justice John Symonds will be on the ballot. The supervisor’s term is two years. The others are four years.

Potter: Offices held by Town Council Members Larry Lewis and June Pendleton, along with the Town Justice seat held by Roger Bootes will be on the ballot. All have four year terms.

Starkey: Offices held by Supervisor Richard Burcaw, Town Clerk/Tax Collector/Registrar Sue Crans, Town Council Members James Ritter and Fred Shoemaker; Highway Superintendent Lou Seeley and Town Justice Helen Halbritter will be on the ballot. The Highway Superintendent’s term is two years and the others are four years.

Torrey: Offices held by Supervisor Patrick Flynn, Town Clerk/Tax Collector Betty Daggett, Town Council Member Linda Francisco, Highway Superintendent and Town Justice Jean Mashewske will be on the ballot. The supervisor, clerk and highway superintendent terms are two years while the town council and town justice terms are four years.

For information on running for office, contact the Yates County Board of Elections at 315-536-5135.

A copy of the 2011 Political Calendar is available at the board’s web page, found through the Yates County website, www.yatescounty.org.