District II legislators will run; so will Betts

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The Chronicle Express
Clockwise from top left, District II Legislators Donald House, Timothy Dennis, Rick Willson and County Clerk Julie Betts.

More local  political candidates are announcing their plans to seek election in November.

The final group of Yates County legislators to come forward are the three representatives from District II, which covers Potter, Benton and Torrey.

Richard Willson, Donald House and Timothy Dennis plan to run as a team for another two year term on the legislature. House is completing his third term and Willson and Dennis are completing their second terms. They are all Republicans.

Yates County Clerk Julie Betts, also a Republican, announced she will seek re-election for a fourth term as County Clerk.

In a statement released Monday, Betts, who has 41 years service in the Yates County Clerk’s office says, “I am just not ready to retire. I enjoy being in public service, working for the residents of Yates County. I am never bored because there is such a variety of business transacted by the county clerk’s office; almost every day brings something new to the office.

“I am enthusiastic regarding proposed changes to the law to allow electronic filing for documents with the county clerk,” she adds.

She also says she is working on new programs, such as one involving issuing a plastic pistol license instead of the current paper license. Another program involves the county clerk issuing a Veteran’s Discount ID card.

Betts opposed the state Department of Motor Vehicles when addresses of local issuing offices were eliminated from mail renewal invitations and encouraged customers to ‘renew locally’ to keep their portion of the transaction fees in Yates County.

Betts has lived in Yates County for 42 years with her husband, Dana.

She began her career with Yates County in the DMV office, working her way to supervisor. She was elected to her first term as Yates County Clerk in 1999 and subsequently re-elected for a second and third term.