Three open houses set at Keuka Comfort Care Home

John Christensen
Keuka Comfort Care Home

The first of three summer open houses will be this weekend at the Keuka Comfort Care Home. Having served almost 80 families, the almost five-year-old facility is still unknown to many whose own families may one day need it.

That need is for compassionate end-of-life care for loved ones. With the advantages of the longer lifespan brought by modern medicine has come the increase in deaths by incurable diseases such as cancer. Add to that the smaller and more geographically dispersed families of recent years and end-of-life care can be both economically and personally insupportable for many caregivers.

The founders and volunteers of the Keuka Comfort Care Home have committed to coming to the aid of families in such need. That hardest moment of life, often especially for those left behind, is made easier by their help and support.

First in that help is the home itself, located on East Lake Road (Route 54)  just outside the village limits. Completely equipped for palliative care, it offers a home atmosphere rather than that of a hospital. It is intended for the comfort of the families almost as much as for the residents. There are no bings or beeps, nor public address announcements, nor standard operating procedures set by a faceless bean-counting administration. Keuka Comfort Care Home is funded solely by donations, fund-raisers, memorials and grants.

Facility director Donna Payne says the staff, including herself, three part-time overnighters and 105 active volunteers, offer as much or as little help as the family wants. Sometimes, that is as complete as any nursing home could provide and more. Sometimes, it is as little as changing the linen. It is the range of options and the willingness to help with only that object in mind, Keuka Comfort Care was designed to do.

With a Keuka Lake view including a deck and porch onto which the resident’s beds can be wheeled, the setting is also meant to bring comfort. There is also a newly landscaped garden including a screened summerhouse. The kitchen and family room is as well appointed and inviting as any family could want.

In a way, Keuka Comfort Care is the whole community’s home for them to use at the time of greatest need, and the family to lean on when help is needed most.

Please visit during the open houses, and learn just how much you and everyone can count on them to be there.

The deck at Keuka Comfort Care Home.