Reed joins more than 100 members of Congress in signing debt ceiling letter

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Rep. Tom Reed recently joined 102 other Members of Congress in sending a letter to Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor regarding raising the nations’ debt ceiling. The letter calls for bold solutions, including spending cuts, spending caps, and a balanced budget amendment to deal with Washington’s spending problems and the national debt crisis.

“We believe it is prudent to limit the extension of borrowing authority as much as possible,” the members write in the letter. “With each passing day our nation’s fiscal health gets worse, leaving our children and grandchildren to fall further into debt.”   

“For the sake of the economy, we have to stop borrowing,” Reed said. “We have seen no leadership from the White House on this issue and people are desperate for a plan.”

“We need structural change in Washington, not need a higher limit on our national credit card,” Reed continued. “I cannot understate the importance that financial certainty has to job creation. Trillions of private dollars sit on the sidelines waiting to see if we are serious about paying down our debt.”