Two vie for Torrey Highway Superintendent

Staff reports
Jeff Finger

The office of Highway Superintendent has been vacant since Glenn Mashewske resigned at the end of 2010. Tim Chambers, 58, former mayor of Dresden, and Jeff Finger, 46, a heavy equipment operator for the town, are seeking the job.

Chambers previously worked at the AES Greenidge Power Plant, where he was a safety trainer, managed people and budgets for material handling.

He served 16 years on the Dresden Village Board, 12 years as mayor. Finger owned his own dock construction business for 13 years before taking the town job, which he’s held for 10 years.

Why are you seeking election to this office?

CHAMBERS: I’m unemployed, the job is available and I believe I can do an outstanding job protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Town of Torrey.

FINGER: I feel I would be an asset to the Town of Torrey taxpayers, given my knowledge and experience.

What are the biggest needs for the Torrey Highways?

FINGER: For the most part, Torrey’s roads are in great shape. My goal is to maintain Torrey’s roads and keep them safe.

CHAMBERS:Our highways are some of the best in the county. It looks to me as we need to do a good job maintaining them. Preventive mantenance is the key to good roads and good economics.

How do you propose addressing those needs?

CHAMBERS: I propose to maintain or improve the town’s preventive maintenance proogram. I will personally walk and inventory each road in the town to better understand the needs of the town’s roads, then create a plan to remedy those needs.

FINGER: While staying within the highway’s budget, I would work with the Town Board and the public to address any needs.

What is your position on sharing services with other municipalities?

FINGER: It helps municipalities keep costs down by eliminating the need for purchasing certain equipment for a limited use. All the municipalities share equipment, manpower and work together. This helps keep highway budgets down.

CHAMBERS: The village and town shared services when I was in office in the 1980s. I’m a big believer in shared services. I think I can help in this area with the planning and scheduling part of this. If there is a good plan and schedule, shared services will work well.

Tim Chambers