Legislators pick Winslow to lead emergency services

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature unanimously agreed to appoint Brian Winslow as Director of Emergency Management to fill the position that has been vacant since Glen Miller left the post nearly a year ago.

Winslow, who is a deputy in the Yates County Sheriff’s Department, and a former chief of the Penn Yan Fire Department, will take the post on Oct. 3 at an annual salary of $59,000.

Yates County Administrator Sarah Purdy said Winslow was one of four “very good” candidates for the job.

Purdy also thanked Deputy Director of Emergency Management Diane Caves and Emergency Medical Services Coordinator Chris Warrier for “the fantastic job they have been doing since last November. There’s no way I could have survived with a vacancy in the emergency services director job without their help.”

District I Legislator Donna Alexander, who chairs the Public Safety Committee said, “I welcome Brian Winslow... and I think it’s very good for the emergency management team.”

The process of appointing a new director was drawn out because of delays and changes in State Civil Service testing schedules.

Miller retired after serving the county for more than 30 years. After his retirement, he took a part time deputy director position.

Other business at Monday’s legislature meeting included:

• TAX BILLS — Legislators set a public hearing for a local law that will allow the county to insert information in tax bills. The information will include details and graphics about state mandates, pointing out the percentage of local taxes that result from state mandates. The public hearing will be held at 1:05 p.m. Oct. 11, during the next meeting of the legislature.

• ELECTION EXPENSES: Legislators agreed to levy election expenses against Yates County Towns as follows:

Barrington: $27,919.16;

Benton: $18,716.82;

Italy: $9,692.46;

Jerusalem: $77,126.66;

Middlesex, $17,382.94;

Milo: $51,638.86;

Potter, $8,662.57;

Starkey, $22,419.10;

Torrey, $16,765.43 for a total of $250,324.

• HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: Legislators approved a resolution urging the state to apply the same standards to Yates County and all of the Finger Lakes watersheds that the Department of Environmental Conservation will apply to New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

Legislator Mark Morris said  this resolution is a slightly edited version of an earlier resolution. He said this second resolution is needed because the first was not heeded and the process is in a new phase for comments on the supplemental draft environmental impact statement.

• ROOF REPAIRS: Legislators agreed to spend $180,000 to replace the roofs on three highway department buildings.  The work will be done by Elmer W. Davis, Inc. of Rochester.

•  MEETING: The legislature’s October meeting will be held at 1 p.m. Oct. 11 because of the Oct. 10 Columbus Day holiday.