Event of the Day: The Miracle of the Cosmos

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Over the past 50 years there has been much learned about the many miracles in the creation of the universe. Inspired by Brian Swimmes' book of “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” Jack Wilbert and Connie Bickford, SSJ, would like to share their excitement from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 4 at Cobblestone Springs in Starkey.

A miracle produced Earth billions of years ago and it is unique to the entire cosmos in its support of life as we know it. Learning of those miracles can provide all of us living today with a new base of acceptance, trust, caring , love and a mutual respect for all living things on planet Earth. Cobblestone Springs is located at 4306 Lakemont-Himrod Road, Dundee.

For details, visit www.cobblestone-springs.org. Suggested donation $10.