Penn Yan plans upgrades to Red Jacket Park

Gwen Chamberlain
Two new bathrooms, additional parking and a new entrance will be added to Red Jacket Park.

 Demolition of the bathroom building at Red Jacket Park should begin sometime soon so two new structures and expanded parking can be constructed at the park.

Penn Yan Village Recreation Director Dan Doyle described the project during a public hearing at the Penn Yan Village Board Oct. 19.

Two buildings, each with two bathrooms and a maintenance room, will replace the current building. One of the new buildings will be constructed near the pavilion and the other will be built near the playground.

The project, expected to cost about $187,000 is part of larger improvements in the park and along the village’s portion of the Keuka Outlet Trail that will mostly be paid for with a $300,000 grant.

The remainder of the project includes improvements to the entire paved surface of the Keuka Outlet Trail in the village. Those improvements will include handicapped accessibility.

Doyle said village workers will handle demolition of the existing building and the village will advertise for bids so the work on the new buildings can begin in time to have the structures open next spring.

The expanded parking lot will add 30 parking spaces.

In addition to contributing in-kind work, the village is contributing $50,000 over five years toward the project.

Doyle said future plans for improvement at the park could include a new lifeguard tower that would include room to store equipment.

Other items on the board’s agenda Oct. 18 included:

• StarShine: The board passed a motion approving StarShine to be held Dec. 2 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the courthouse law, Baptist Church and library.

•  Local Development Corporation: The baord agreed to dissolve the Local Development Corporation.

• Fire Department Members: The board approved Carrie Miller and Kristen Kern to be members of the Hydrant Hose Company.

• Police: Trustee Mike Christensen praised Police Chief Mark Hulse for his work which resulted in the arrest of two subjects who stole a car. Christensen said Hulse, working a midnight shift, noticed a car that he was familiar with on the street at 3 a.m. Because Hulse knew the owners of the car, he was surprised to see the car on the street at that hour and followed it to a business parking lot, where he apprehended two individuals who had stolen the car. The two had stolen a car in Canandaigua, driven it to Penn Yan, where they dumped it and picked up the new stolen vehicle. Christensen said “This is small town police work at its finest.”

• Fire Department: Christensen said the fire department is looking to purchase a new truck to replace E3.

The design for the new bathrooms at Red Jacket Park. Two structures will be built. One will be located near the pavilion and one will be located near the playground. Each will have two bathrooms.