Community leader to be interred at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

John Christensen
Anne-Marie Kirkpatrick

Anne-Marie Kirkpatrick, wife of the late Rector of St. Mark’s Church, The Rev. Bill Kirkpatrick, passed away this past May 1 at her home in Jupiter, FL. Her ashes will be interred next to those of her husband in the Columbarium at St. Mark’s Church as part of the parish’s observance of All Saints’ Day on Sunday, November 6, at 10:00 a.m.

Together, Anne-Marie & Bill Kirkpatrick led toward numerous developments in the Penn Yan area to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. Two of their largest, longest lasting, and most tangible achievements were the founding and building of the Penn Yan Manor and the St. Mark’s Terrace. Both organizations are thriving to this day and give witness to the work to which the Kirkpatricks had dedicated themselves.

The entire community is welcome to attend the interment, which will be part of the regular Sunday Eucharist at St. Mark’s Church, at 179 Main Street in Penn Yan. Members of the extended family will be present for the occasion.