Tax benefits for end-of-year charity giving

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Jennifer Leonard, President and Executive Director of The Rochester Area Community Foundation which serves Yates County Community Foundation, wants to alert the public of deadlines for two very attractive, year-end giving opportunities are expiring on December 31, 2011. (See attached.)

To take advantage of any of these opportunities, please contact Dana Miller at or (585) 341-4390.

There will also be an exciting 24-hour, online day of giving on December 8th called ROC the Day that will benefit nonprofits in our region, including the Community Foundation. You can participate by making a credit card donation any time that day at and help your favorite nonprofit with a much-appreciated year-end gift. In the meantime, check out the list of 500+ causes that will be ROC'n all day and night.

CHOOSE the organizations you want to support.

GIVE with a simple online donation

MATTER in our community

Charities are searchable by category and by community served.

Another reason enough to give on December 8 is that 24 lucky ROCstars are going to be given an extra $500 to use toward the charity of their choice to give them an extra boost.

The non-profit organization with the most donors on December 8 in one of these categories—Arts & Culture, Community Benefit & Economic Development, Human Services or Environment— will get an extra $5,000.