Yates Legislature meets Monday, Dec. 12

Staff reports

The Yates County Legislature will meet at 1 p.m. Dec. 12 in the legislative chambers of th ecounty office building.

The agenda follows:

•    Approve minutes of the Nov. 1, 2,and 14

•    Open Public Hearing on proposed Local Law 5-11 A Local Law To Establish Redemption Fees For Impounded Dogs

•    Set the date for the Year End meeting

•    Set the date for the Organizational meeting

•    Audit

•    Committee reports

•    Public Comment



416-11    Authorize Chairman And Sheriff To Sign Temporary Jail Physicians

            MOU (Cooley)

417-11    Authorize ID Card Services Charge (Milo)

418-11    Authorize Sheriff Providing E-Cashier Kiosk Service

419-11    Authorize Sheriff To Sign 2012 Tower Site Emergency Generator Agreement

420-11    Authorize Renewal Of Accreditation Consultant Agreement For 2012 (Worden)

421-11    Authorize Sheriff To Renew Firearms Range Contract

422-11    Authorize Probation Director To Sign Agreement With Government Payment Services To Process Credit Card Payments For Fines, Restitution, Fees And Surcharge

423-11    Authorize Chairman Of Legislature To Sign Agreement With New York State Division Of Criminal Justice Services For Ignition Interlock Grant Funding


424-11    Adopt Equalization And Apportionment Table

425-11    Acknowledge And Commend County Planning Board Service (Wayne Davidson-Representing the Village of Penn Yan)

426-11    Reappoint Members To The Yates County Planning Board (Sawers, Skeet, Stape)

427-11    Authorize Renewal Of Agreement For County Planning Board Recording Secretary Services

428-11    Resolution Approving The Official Undertaking Of Public Employees Fidelity Blanket Bond For Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council

429-11    Budget Transfers

430-11    Appropriate Public Health Donations

431-11    Appropriate Additional State Aid-Substance Abuse (Community Services)

432-11    Adopt Fund Balance Policy

433-11    Appropriate Occupancy Tax Reserve Funds


 434-11    Authorize Chairman To Renew Contract (Roets)

 435-11    Appoint Member To The Yates County Community Services Board

436-11    Authorize Public Health Director To Submit Application For Home Care Licensure

437-11    Re-appoint Members To The Yates County Community Services Board

438-11    Appoint Member To The Yates County Community Services Board Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee

439-11    Approve Contract Renewal Between ProAction Yates Office For The Aging And Yates County Public Health

440-11    Authorize Contract With Yates County Probation For The Services Of Youth Probation Officer

441-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With Dr. David Coron

442-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With Freeman Freeman

443-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With J. Scott Steele

444-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With Keuka Counseling-A Healing Journey

445-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With Dr. Richard Hoyt, PHD. For Expert Employability And Disability Examinations Of Certain Departments Of Social Services Recipients

446-11    Authorize Contract Renewal With Tom Durham

447-11    Renew Contract With Kinship Youth And Family Services, Inc. For The Intensive Home Based Services Program

448-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign Memorandum Of Understanding For Allocation Of Funding

449-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer

450-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer


451-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign One Year Preventive Maintenance

Agreement With Norment Security For Security Equipment At The Yates County Courthouse

452-11    Authorize Superintendent To Advertise For Materials And Equipment

453-11    Establish Guidelines For The County Highway Department To

Manufacture And Sell Signs To Other Entities Within Yates County And Define Installation Requirements For Signs Other Than Regulatory Or Warning Signs Requested To Be Installed Within County Road Right-Of-Ways


454-11    Authorize Chairman Of Legislature To Sign Lease Agreement (Keuka

Abstract Corporation)

455-11    Approve Mortgage Tax Apportionment

456-11    Resolution Requesting The Moving Of New York State’s September Primary To The Same Date As The Federal Primary

457-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign Amendment To 2009-2012 Contract With Paetec Communications And Yates Counties, Inc. For Voice And Data Services

458-11    Authorize IT Director To Purchase Time Clock Program

459-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign Contract (Website Redesign)

460-11    Appointment To The Finger Lakes Economic Development Center (Yates County IDA) Board And Yates Capital Resource Corp. Board, And The Finger Lakes Horizon Economic Development Corp.

461-11    Authorize Chairman To Sign Contract With FCS Administrators, Inc. For Actuary Services

462-11    Adopt Local Law No. 5-11 Entitled “A Local Law To Establish Redemption Fees For Impounded Dogs”